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Eveslogite is the mineral that is found in the Yukspolark pass in the state of Russia. It is a yellowish brown fragment of crystal that has a specimen size of 10x7 mm. It is named for the type of locality that it is present. It happens as a corss-cutting poikilitic nepheline syenite, and the mineral forms complicated number of fibers that are (0.05-0.005) mm across and resembles yuksporite aggregating it outwardly. It differs from the X-ray powder diffraction pattern, the parameters of the unit-cell, IR spectrum etc. It is semi transparent in nature and streak white with the vitreous luster. It is brittle in nature.



Eveslogite has an IMA that was approved in 2001 with a nickel -struntz of 9.DG.97. It has a chemical formula of (Ca,K,Na,Sr,Ba)48[(Ti,Nb,Fe,Mn)12(OH)12Si48O144](F, OH,Cl)14. It has the axial ratios of a: b: c =0.5641:1:1.7768. It has the cell dimensions of a = 14.069, b = 24.937, c = 44.31, Z = 4; beta = 95.02° V = 15,486.03 Den (Calc) = 2.92. It has the crystal system of Prismatic that is Monoclinic also having a different X-RAY Ray Diffraction. Having a density of 2.85 with the diaphaneity of being semi transparent. It is brittle in nature having and leaving splintery fragments on it. The habit of the mineral is that is aggregates, and it shows that it is made up of various individual clusters or crystals. It has a fibrous habit that shows its crystals are made up of fibers (Webmineral, 2013). The mineral Eveslogite is silky in nature with a streak of white color. Its name was originated from the name of its locality, and it is close to astrophyllite.


According to the composition of the mineral eveslogite it contains Barium, Silicium, Kalium, Flour, Titan, Chlor, Calcium and many other elements. Its analysis of the composition shows that it has the highest sum weight of Oxygen and the highest percentage of weight of oxygen that is 37.28%. The least amount the element the mineral has in its composition is Hydrogen that is in weight it is 0.29% and the sum weight of 20.562. The atom weight of different elements in the composition of the mineral Eveslogite shows the comparison of the atom and the atom percentage of different amount of elements it has in it.


The molecular weight of this element is 800.28 (gm). It has 56.02.06c.07 (56) Sorosilicate Si2O7 Groups and O, OH, F. and H2O. Its Strunz class is 09.DG.97 09 - SILICATES (Germanates). It has a bulk density of 2.79 gm/cc that is also called as its electronic density. It has a fermion index of 0.02. It has a GRapi of 172.67. GRapi is termed as Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units). The concentration of the GRapi unit per Eveslogite is 0.58%. The radioactivity of Eveslogite is not detectable at all. The weight of the Hydrogen is the lowest and also the weight of its atom and in percentage (Mineralienatlas, 2013). So the total sum weight of the hydrogen is the ...