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The main purpose of this paper is to analyze a picture and then ask a friend who have never seen that picture to draw this picture. Friend is not allowed to ask a question, he only has to draw the picture based on the instructions provided. After the completion, of the picture, an analysis would be made, and pictures will be compared. This paper discusses the answers like while giving instructions, was my friend able to follow my instructions? If not, then what were the main variations which occurred? Secondly, this paper discussed the main obstacles faced in this exercise of listening, and describe that how these obstacles affected the listener ability to complete the task. In the end, this paper discuss that was there anything, which could be adopted by the communicator in order to make the listening process understanding.

Answer 1:

Was your friend able to follow your instructions? What variations occurred?

If I compare the picture drawn by me and by my friend, I would say that yes there were variations in both the pictures. My friend was not able to follow my instructions properly.

There was a huge difference between these two pictures, as you can see above. I have asked him to join the four shapes, but he drew them separately. Also, the shapes of the images were not proper.

Answer 2:

Recall any obstacles to effective listening during this exercise. Describe the obstacle and explain how it affected the listener in their ability to complete the task.

During this exercise, there were numerous obstacles in listening. Following are some main obstacles faced by me in this exercise:

Message Overload

Message overload is a common obstacle which was faced in the exercise. In any communication, the primary factor is mindful listening. Mindful listening can be properly accomplished, when a person fully concentrated on the moment and focus on exactly what the next person is saying. In this era, technology has decreases a person's ability of mindful listening. The reason is that at one time, we receive so much information. This phenomenon is termed as message overload. Due to message overload, listening is becoming difficult. Same was the case in this exercise, my friend got overloaded information, which he could not retain and thus resulted in a incorrect drawing.

Message complexity

In case, a message is very difficult, complex contains detailed information and involves so much reasoning and complexities in it then it is ...
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