Expansion Of Sugarcane Ethanol Production In Brazil

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Expansion of Sugarcane Ethanol Production in Brazil

Production of Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil

Environmental and Social Challenges of Producing Sugarcane Ethanol

Brazil has been engaged in the successful production of sugarcane ethanol since 1970s and is used as a source of bio fuel in the country for long time now. The demand for the production of the renewable energy resources has therefore increased as it will ensure the production of sugarcane ethanol. However various social and environmental effects are associated with the production of ethanol which makes it less preferable for the production purposes. Thus, the sustainable production of the bio fuels can be made an obstacle for the whole world due to the production of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil. One of the most important reasons for these obstacles is that of the pollution factors associated with the burning of the sugarcane for its harvesting purposes. The production of the sugarcane ethanol also degrades the aquatic systems and soil. Moreover, an important environmental challenge that is associated with the production of the sugarcane ethanol is that of the cutting canes and its exploitation (Hoeft, 2009).

The cane cutting and its exploitation is considered to be the most important issue that needs the government of Brazil to pay immediate attention to the problem. Moreover, the land area that have been used for cultivating the crops of soya bean sugarcane that are cultivated at large area the that will increase the production of the sugarcane ethanol is considered to be that has positive outcomes associated with it. it is considered to be the has been Various is largely associated with the social and environmental challenges for producing sugarcane ethanol have been faced by the government of Brazil. The hazards associated with the production of sugarcane ethanol are that of the global warming that has created various difficulties for the government authorities (Hofstrand, 2009).

Environmentally Sustainable Production of Sugarcane Ethanol

The environmental sustainable production of the sugar cane ethanol is an important concern for the Brazilian economy. The economy of Brazil has been performing for the past few years that have reached international levels with respect to the grades. The economy has not only making large level of investments but also reducing extensive amount of greenhouse gases that has been done by the adoption of the matrix comprised of the renewable energy along with the transportation of the ethanol on large scale. The increase in the energy demand has definitely led the individuals to have quality life with the increase in the levels of the economic growth. On one hand, the burning of fossil fuels damages the environment of the country; it also affects the economic growth on the other hand thus reinforcing the requirement to look for the alternative ways of improving the efficiency for the usage of energy. The sources of energy have also been diversified that is being done particularly through the renewable energy resources. The promising sustainable levels for improving the environment has been designed and ...
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