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Expert Evidence: Non-fatal Offences

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Expert Evidence: Non-fatal Offences


In the English law, non-fatal offences are generally considered the form of offences which is defined as attacks that are directed to another person but they do not lead to the death of an individual. During such offences where death results they are considered as homicide while, a sexual offence which is another form of offence is considered independently because of its differentiation from other forms of offences on the basis of the theoretical and composition basis offences against the person. This concept of non-fatal offences is usually derived from the Offences against the Person Act 1861, but the mentioned Act did not define the conception of assault or battery. On the other hand, offences against the person consist of inconsequential types of battery as well as assault (Jefferson, 2012, pp. 472-492).


Case Study

In order to understand the concept of non-fatal offences and its relationship with the battery and assault, a case study of Abdul and Rabia is considered. Abdul and Rabia got separated to each other in recent times and the major reason of this separation was the violent acts of Abdul towards Rabia. Abdul violently tortured her physically and as a consequence of this, Rabia had three broken fingers and also got other injuries. Rabia received numerous medical treatments in different times and all the evidences of violence were also motioned in her medical record file.

This was the incident of a Sunday night when Rabia was in a living room which was front living of her home. Suddenly, she felt the presence of someone who was moving around her home and also watching her moves. Finally she discovered that someone who was wandering around her home was actually Abdul. Abdul was standing under the tree and noticing Rabia from other side of the street. Rabia was already afraid of Abdul and then she decided to check again whether he was present there or not, but unfortunately, Abdul was still present around her home. This was the alarming condition for her and she was so much scared, so she thought to call police in order to receive some help which she needed the most at that time. But eventually, she considered that police could not take this situation seriously and there might be a possibly that Abdul vanished away from the situation. For that reason, she decided to all her father and she telephoned and informed him whatever she had been facing yet. Her father made a quick approach towards her home and when Abdul realised that Rabia's father was coming in his car, he ran away immediately without making any offences. The day had passed and the next day Rabia was going from home for shopping purposes. She was shopping in the mall and suddenly she discovered that Abdul was also there. Abdul speedily reached towards her and started shouting at her with scorn looks and suddenly, he snatched her headscarf and at that ...
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