Exploratory Philosophy And The Foundation Of Metaphysics: analysis Of Human Consciousness

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Exploratory Philosophy and the Foundation of Metaphysics:

Analysis of Human Consciousness






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Chapter 1: Introduction1


Exploratory Philosophy1

Human Consciousness2



In Philosophy7

Chapter 2: Review Of Literature8

Origins And Nature Of Metaphysics8

Objective Or Subjective Experiences9

The Relationship Between Thinking And Being10

Individual Consciousness13

Levels Of Consciousness (Enstasis)15

Chapter 3: Methodology Not Applicable (N/A)17

Chapter 4: Findings & Results18

Mentalist Explanations And Other Schools Of Thought19

Chapter 5: Discussion24

Chapter 6: Conclusion26




With advancements in the fields of science and technology in today's fast paced world the analysis of human consciousness has become a frequently researched topic by both mental health professionals and philosophers alike. The topic is mostly studied by “meta-physicists because the subject involves identifying the basis of being and reality” (Ramchandran et. al, pp. 22). The study of human consciousness has become a widely practiced concept. A wide array of researchers are intrigued by the functioning of human consciousness; hence more and more research is being conducted on the topic. Studying human consciousness allows us to better understand the cognition and behaviors of humans. It also allows us to better relate the life around us.

Exploratory Philosophy

“Exploratory philosophy is a rather new branch of philosophy and regards general objections as concerns in solving issues at hand. Many call for revising the core concepts, but most ask for clarifications. In order to thoroughly understand any phenomena, the sole act of exploration should be exciting and informative” (Posner, pp. 743). However, under the banner of exploratory philosophy, all issues and queries should be given importance and should be dealt with carefully. The key to success in a successful analysis of phenomena is to explore a concept first as a student of the subject and then as a critic of the proposed ideology/phenomena.

The newly adopted style of exploratory philosophy has been decently expressed by Robert Nozick's Philosophical Explanations. In the introduction to his work, he articulates “the basic virtues in the subject and the remaining chapters of the book adamantly refute the current potential charges on exploratory philosophy” (Schacter et. al, pp. 379). But, in the core of his discussions, he holds highest analytical explanations to the analogies used in exploratory philosophy. Hence, understanding any phenomena using the techniques, ideologies and expertise in the field of exploratory philosophy ...
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