Exploring Wellness

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Exploring Wellness

Exploring Wellness


Exploring wellness of the clients is very important for the companies. They should be able to make sure that the clients are satisfied and that they are able to help the clients in learning more about the organization. This will help the clients in getting to know about the company or any institute. The new clients should be informed of all the activities that the company indulges in. Coaching is a manner in which wellness can be explored and by which the clients more about what is going on in the company. It is important for the people to make sure that they know about place in which they have entered. This paper will explore a wellness tool that will be used by a gym instructor.


Being a gym instructor, it will be very important for me to know my clients. Knowing them will help me in planning an effective diet plan for them and in planning appropriate exercise routines. There are different tools which can be used in exploring the wellness of people; however, I will use 'The Welcome Packet.' I will include findings regarding the application and implementation of the tool.

The Welcome Packet

The Welcome Packet helps in knowing more about the clients. It helps in knowing about the past of the client and then forming a plan about the future. The clients are asked questions about their past and they are asked to answer the question 'what are your dreams and goals?' This will help me in understanding about the client and will also prove to be very beneficial for them, as well as, me. The Welcome Packet is a very interactive and effective tool for knowing the clients (Arloski, 2007). While utilizing this tool, I made sure that I know about each and every client. Being a gym instructor, I will be able to handle and manage the clients in a much effective and efficient manner. The next section will present the findings/results related to the welcome packet. Responses from three individuals are presented here.

First Respondent

Jane is a client that joined my gym a few weeks back. She joined due to the problems of being overweight. She was facing a lot of health issues due to the same reason, and finally joined a gym. She said that she wanted to work out and wanted a person who can guide her to the best diet plan. In the first week, in which she joined I made sure that I get to know her. I asked her about her past and any experience that had caused her stress or any such incident. After talking to her, I handed over the Welcome Packet to her and asked her to take it home and gave her three days time to complete it honestly. I told her the importance of filling the Welcome Packet honestly. With this I made sure that she knows the benefits of answering the questions to the best of her knowledge.

She said that she would answer the questions ...
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