Factors Affecting Unisys

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Factors Affecting Unisys

March 9, 2012

Mrs. Joyce Lopez

Management Department

Missouri State University

901 South National Avenue

Springfield, MO 65897

Dear Mrs. Lopez:

Factors Affecting Unisys

Mrs. Lopez, here is the report you requested on factors that have positively and negatively affected Unisys over the last five years.

Purpose and Method

The purpose of this report was to determine and describe three factors that have recently positively and/or negatively affected Unisys. The information gathered for this report came from my review of secondary sources including the company's website, its annual report, The Wall Street Journal articles, and articles from other sources. The enclosed sheet lists the references used in this report.

The remainder of this report discusses background on Unisys, gives a description of the three factors affecting the company, and ends with a summary.

Background on Unisys

Unisys, a company known for the software and data systems it produces, was founded in 1981 (Leiber, 2007, p. 53). Initially, the company had seven employees and was started with total revenue of US $ 250. Unisys employs 145, 088 individuals and has 64 branches in 68 different countries. The company provides IT solutions, including business solutions, application devices, product engineering, independent testing and validation services and provides consultation to 2000 companies worldwide. The organization has been showing exponential growth since its establishment and apart from the few setbacks that it has to face, Infosys has been gaining high ratings on the economic charts.

The company was among pioneers of Global Delivery Model, a model of offshore outsourcing that includes taking task to the place where it can be performed at its best (Infosys, 2012).

Mrs. Joyce Lopez

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March 9, 2012

Three Factors Affecting Unisys Since 2003

A number of factors have been influencing the organization, including the political scenario, increasing competition and threat from the international competitors. However, the three factors that have affected Unisys positively since 2003 include (1) The boom in the cell phone industry, (2) Development and improvement of the satellites and (3) the terrorism policies of India. The following section describes these factors in more detail.

New Cell Phones

New cell phones have been invented and used for almost two decades now. The first hand-held cellular phone was invented by Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola, in the year 1973. After a period of ten years, the cellular phone finally became commercially available in 1983.

Cellular phone use has been on a continuous rise since quite some years—after 1990 the trend started expanding and continues to date. During ...
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