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Dissertation on Finance

Finance is simply defined as the study of money and is related not only to commerce activities but also to effective money management. The subject is both diverse and complicated and writing a dissertation on the same is indeed a challenging task. In order to help students and researchers to better understand the subject, Researchomatic provides a whole range of finance dissertations which will give students utile ideas on how to proceed with their work.

Determinants Of Cash Holdings
DETERMINANTS OF CASH HOLDINGS The Determinants of Cash Holdings Before, During and After the Global Financial Crisis By ABSTRACT The research is aimed at evaluating the determinants of cash holdings before and after the financial crisis. The global credit crunch created a significant impact on the corporations operating in the international financial market. Companies ...
Critical Analysis Of Benefits Of Competition In Nigerian Banking Industry
[Critical Analysis of Benefits of Competition in Nigerian Banking Industry] By Acknowledgement I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible. DECLARATION I [type your full first names and surname here], declare that the contents of ...
Challenges Faced By Mnes Using Foreign Direct Investment As A Mode Of Entry To Saudi Arabia
Challenges faced by MNEs using Foreign Direct Investment as a mode of Entry to Saudi Arabia By CHAPTER 03: RESEARCH METHODLOGY1 Introduction1 Research Method1 Qualitative versus Quantitative Research2 Secondary Research4 Research Design5 Research Instrument6 Questionnaire6 Interviews6 Data Collection7 Sampling8 Data Analysis Method9 Reliability10 Validity11 Ethical Considerations12 REFERENCES13 CHAPTER 03: RESEARCH METHODLOGY Introduction This chapter offers the methodology that is adopted for this research in order to meet the aim of ...
Role Of Information Technology In Global Banking And Finance
Role of Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance By INTRODUCTION1 Research Questions3 DISCUSSION3 Role of Information Technology in the Field of Global Banking and Finance3 Information Technology and Growth in the Global Banking and Finance Sectors6 The Impact of Information Technology in the Field of Banking and Finance Worldwide7 Impact of Information Technology on the Performance of ...
Mining Investment In Mongolia
Mining investment in Mongolia By DISSERTATION TITLE1 FOCUS1 Aim:1 Objectives:1 CONTEXT1 LITERATURE REVIEW2 Literature on main theoretical/conceptual framework:2 Literature on your chosen sector/context:3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY4 Research Paradigm:4 Research Methods:5 Sampling:5 Sample Size:6 What technique would be used to choose the samples for research?6 Methods of analyzing primary data:6 ETHICAL CONSIDERATION & ISSUES:6 TIME PLAN:8 REFERENCES9 DISSERTATION TITLE A study on “Mining Investments in Mongolia” FOCUS Aim: The aim of this dissertation is to assess ...
Islamic Banking In Malaysia by
ISLAMIC BANKING IN MALAYSIA by ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to find out the current trend of Islamic banking in Malaysia from customers perspective. It is eminent to note that apart from public opinion and ideas, other researchers have also proved that Islamic banking is more effective and highly influential form ...
Airline Industry
Airline Industry Low Cost Airlines Vs. Well Established Airlines By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to communicate my sincere gratitude for all those who played vital role in the completion of my research including my supervisor, peers, fellow classmates as well as interview participants. I am thankful to my family whose support has been a ...
Challenge And Controversies Face By The Hmic In Respect Of Tax Evasion And Tax Avoidance by
Challenge and controversies face by the HMIC in respect of tax evasion and tax Avoidance By Challenge and controversies face by the HMIC in respect of tax evasion and tax Avoidance INTRODUCTION Background of the study The last three years have seen a significant increase in the attacks on the tax system by organised criminality. ...
Challenge And Controversies Face By Hmic In Respect Of Tax Evasion And Tax Avoidance by
CHALLENGE AND CONTROVERSIES FACE BY HMIC IN RESPECT OF TAX EVASION AND TAX AVOIDANCE By Declaration of Authenticity Here I would like to declare that all the information included in this dissertation is based on my individual work without any help from any other party. This dissertation has not been submitted for any ...
Leveraged Loans Market And Its Effect On Private Equity Deal Structuring Since 2007 by
Leveraged loans Market and its effect on Private Equity deal structuring since 2007 By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to all my teachers by providing me an opportunity for grooming me and giving me the precious time to work on dissertation. I cannot be able to complete this task without their support and courage. ...
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