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Essay on Finance

The field of finance focuses on various techniques and principles involved in the effective management of large amounts of money. The field holds application and usage in business studies. Researchomatic provides an entire section dedicated to essays on finance in order to help students better understand the basic concepts behind the field. The topics are diverse and cover a broad range of ideas.

Korea First Bank
Korea First Bank Korea First Bank Introduction This case study is base on the new bridge capital use by the government of Korea. Korean government sold the 51 percent shares of the Korean bank in order to increase the 500 billion capital money and to decrease the trouble relate to the capital, ...
Assumptions In A Projected Balance Sheet
Assumptions in a Projected Balance Sheet Introduction A projected balance sheet is entirely different from an actual balance sheet as substantial projections and estimates need to be made according to the requirements of the business. A projected balance sheet looks at the massive financial changes taking place within the organization and ...
Portfolio Management
PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Introduction In order to achieve the aim and objectives, the research adopted a combination of descriptive and analytical methodology. The study uses daily observations of Dow Jones industrial averages of stocks in 2012. The purpose of this empirical analysis is to identify the various performance and risk ...
International Financial Reporting Analysis
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING ANALYSIS International Financial Reporting Analysis International Financial Reporting Standard Introduction Effective measurement and inventory management is necessary to keep the companies financial statements updated. Inventories are one of the items of the statement of financial position and are placed under the head of current assets.  Inventory is defined as assets that are ...
Business Plan- Smart Household Appliances
Business Plan- Smart Household Appliances Business Plan- Smart Household Appliances Executive Summary This business plan is prepared for an investment with a start-up nature based, i.e. Smart Household Appliances in America, New York. Hence the plan considers all factors from an initial phase for effective planning. (Carmichael David, 2005, pp.40-45) and (Haugan Gregory, ...
The Impact Of The Moratorium
The impact of the moratorium The impact of the moratorium Introduction Debt moratorium is essentially a postponement regarding the payment of certain obligations or debts. The national government usually uses this term to refer. Over the past periods there have been many examples of moratorium laws implied by different countries which ...
Do Female College Sport Teams Receive The Same Opportunities And Funding As Male College Sport Teams?
Do Female College Sport Teams Receive The Same Opportunities And Funding As Male College Sport Teams? Do Female College Sport Teams Receive The Same Opportunities And Funding As Male College Sport Teams? Introduction There are various professional sport and colleges which still in today's era continue to grant unequal funding for the women. ...
Fixed Cost Allocation
Fixed cost allocation Fixed cost allocation Introduction In current competitive environment, every business is focused on identifying and allocating their cost more specifically to activity level on which business is operating (Yahya-Zadeh, 2011). This paper aims on identifying fixed associated with business involved in two products. Discussion In era of competition, businesses are more ...
Variable And Fixed Costs
Variable and Fixed Costs Herrestad Company Introduction The focus of this paper would be on Herrestad Company focusing on contribution margin income statement and compare net operating profit from a contribution margin income statement with net income from an absorption income statement. Beside this, Break-Even Analysis will also be conducted. Discussion a) ...
Movie Rental Industry
Movie Rental Industry Movie Rental Industry Introduction Now a day, movie rental industry is known as the one of the most competitive industry. The success behind the movie rental industry is the use of the advance technology and use of the right management (Kotler, 2009). However, from last few years, the movie ...
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