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Recommendation for Suitable Investment Advice & Asset Management



What Are Platforms4

Overview of Wrap funds5

Overview of Fund Super Markets6

Changes to Charging Structure8

Providing Advice to Customers9

Factors to be Aware of from the Perspective of Advisor9

Risk & Return Analysis9

Personal Finance Plan10

Macroeconomic Factors10



Tax Implication12

Benefits & Drawbacks13

Part B (Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Books)14



Recommendation for Suitable Investment Advice & Asset Management


The purpose of this Evaluation Report is to assess the effectiveness of the training events carried out for Financial Advisors and focal points on the issue of investing funds of clients in better investment opportunities such as wrap funds or fund supermarket platforms. In addition, the report provides an integrated perspective on all the elements that need to be considered from the perspective of investors or financial advisors. The report covers following objectives.

Identification of factors that should be considered before making an investment decision

Objectives of clients or investor with respect to their investment

Understanding the concept of Wrap Style funds and how they are more beneficial for the investors

Implications Associated with Investment in Wrap Funds and funds Super Market.

Advantages and Drawbacks that client will face by shifting its investment from its current form to Wrap style or fund supermarket investment.


In an economy surplus spending units (SPUs) continuously endeavour to invest in more lucrative or high yielding investment opportunities. Availability of funds for deficit spending unit becomes possible only due to stated surplus spending units. However, these individuals or entities may not always possess enough information on the effective and efficient utilization of their capital (Clark & Emmerson, 2002, P.71) Therefore, to address or cover such weakness of their, SPUs seeks help of financial advisors or investment advisory entities.

Financial advisors, on the other hand, guide investors regarding high yielding investment endeavors. They offer a wide array of investment opportunities that developed by applying several techniques of financial engineering and financial planning.

People use different methods to achieve their financial goals. Investment can be done in several areas like property, cash, bonds & debentures and in shares. The main reasons for investment are: one to gain capital growth, create their wealth and get some protection against inflation, second aim is to get a source of income from their investments for example dividends from shares. In order to invest in a financial market like share market individuals should follow certain steps (Clark & Emmerson, 2002, P. 72). First analyze your financial position, second what will be your level of risk and review your investment portfolios. In order to be successful investors should have the capability to make quick decisions, avail the opportunities and can bear the risks involved in an investment.

What Are Platforms

Majority of the firms and businesses make use of financial markets for recognizing and foreseeing the position and performance of particular businesses. Fundamental analysis is commonly used approach among other approaches. Fundamental analysis considers assessment of business's stock by reviewing operational and financial condition of the business. However, technical analysis among other approaches also has significant impact and often practiced by the financial analyst (Disney & ...
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