Flaubert's “a Simple Heart”: Analysis Of Félicité Character In Contrast Of Her

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Flaubert's “A Simple Heart”: Analysis of Félicité character in Contrast of her

Relationship with Mrs. Aubain


Gustave Flaubert was born in France and is a re-known French novelist. He is popular for his experience in the realist style of writing and his enveloping sarcasm. The son of a doctor, Gustave Flaubert's early passion for literature is evident in the small literary magazine Hummingbird, which drafted in full, and in which a diffuse but somewhat surprisingly, the subjects recognized the writer develop adult. He studied law in Paris, where he met Maxime du Camp, whose friendship he retained throughout life, and next to that conducted a walking tour through the regions of Touraine, Brittany and Normandy. A journey followed by another, more important (1849-1851), Egypt, Asia Minor, Turkey, Greece and Italy, whose memory would serve him later for his novel Salammbo. However, during his travels, Gustave Flaubert spent his life on his property in Croisset, devoted to his writing. Between 1847 and 1856 remained stable, but had a passionate relationship with the poet Louise Colet. Moreover, his love was certainly Elisa Schlesinger, who inspired the character of Marie Arnoux in Sentimental Education, and never became his lover.


Amongst his famous works, he also wrote a novel by the name of “A Simple Heart” which is the story of a girl who becomes a servant at a young age. She had to serve her mistress for fifty years. However, the betrayal of her love made Felicite do this, as he married an older women leaving Felicite. She was a very loving and caring woman who gave her full devotion and energy to work as good as possible to serve the house. She worked at the house with unconditional love and devotion for the family. Felicite was very loyal with the family and ...
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