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Forensic Tools


This research paper represents five digital forensic tools with their description, availability, price and performances. This paper provides research on these forensic tools with their applications. There are comparisons made among these tools and, choice of using these tools. This paper contains information which is taken from the official websites of these forensic tools.

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Comparison of Five Digital Forensic Tools5

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Forensic Tools


Forensic tools are used in all over the world in forensic investigations. When any incidents related to information technology occur in an organization, then organization apply latest digital forensic tools in order to recover important data. Organizations are strong enough today, collecting huge amount of data with the help of these forensic tools. Sensitive data cannot be compromised today, because of the availability of these digital forensic tools. It has been researched that these digital forensic tools have helped several organizations in performing their goals. Digital forensics techniques are used today for numerous purposes such as investigation of crimes, violation of internal policies. There are several guides and manuals which are written on the usage of digital forensic tools and, help organizations in order to utilize these tools.


When we say forensic science that means, we are applying science to the law. It has been observed that, crimes related to computer have increased and, methods of digital forensics are helping organizations to investigate these crimes and criminals. The forensic process is passed through numerous steps like collection, examination, analysis and reporting. There are many digital forensic tools used today such as Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), Encase, FTK, Digital Forensics Framework, PTK Forensics, COFFEE, X-Ways Forensics, NTFS recovery, PhotoRec and many others.

I researched five forensic tools which are used in many organizations today. These tools are PTK Forensics, CnW Recovery, COFFEE, Photo Rec, and IEF. Several aspects of these digital forensic tools have been observed like availability, performance and price. We can see each digital forensic tool one by one and, in the end we make comparison of these tools according to their performances, availability and prices.

Comparison of Five Digital Forensic Tools

Name of Forensic Tool

Descriptions/ Features

Prices/ Availability



PTK Forensics

It is found in Sleuth Kit and, new software modules have been added.

It is easy to be used by any user.

Users can investigate tools in an easier way without spending many costs.

It is initiated as a free interface and, improves features of existed browser such as Auto spy forensic.

It is available in two versions, PTK forensic free basic addition and, PTK forensic full version.

This tool has been downloaded 15811 times according to the report (

This tool is using a central database for case management and, that is why many users can work on the similar case from different computers. Individuals can extend PTK forensics according to their personal needs.

This tool is used by numerous organizations especially information related organizations.

It is easily available on official website, where it can be downloaded for free.

CnW Recovery

CnW Recovery is software which recovers and restores all the data and ...
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