Free Standing Birth Centres

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Free standing Birth Centres

Free standing Birth Centres


Free Standing Birth Centres began to function in response to the demand of consumers all over the world especially in Australia. The reason was that a number of women wanted to pass up regular medical intervention all through their labours, so they congregated for the founding of free standing birth centres with a homelike, comfortable and relaxed environment. At present, free birth centres are a popular selection for women who plan for an active, natural birth, with water birth as an alternative. The best thing about these Midwifery-led care centres is that they are free of charge i.e. they are totally covered by Medicare. Private midwife care or birth centre doctors are generally claimable in the course of a private health fund. Thus, the care provided in these birth centres by doctor or midwives is free.


A free standing childbirth entity is a facility that provides care to females with an uncomplicated and simple pregnancy where primary specialized care responsibility is taken by the midwives. During birth and labour, medical services required by the patient, including anaesthetic, neonatal and obstetric care are available, from a separate location. Access to these facilities may involve shift by ambulance or car. Verification suggests advantages are associated with this form of care for women who have an uncomplicated labour and pregnancy, including reduced rates of medical intervention and elevated rates of natural vaginal birth, better maternal contentment and breastfeeding (Walsh & Downe, 2004).

The Model of Social Care

The Free Standing Birth centres mostly follow an idea of care and intentions dependable on a 'model of social care'. This denotes that birth is observed primarily as a regular social and physiological process, instead of an uncertain clinical occurrence, and midwives plan to work in ways that lessens the routine practice of invasive interventions.

This idea of care makes it a precedence to be welcoming the new or existing parents, to consider their needs plus their point of view as well. The emphasize is on keeping labour and birth normal and employing emotional encouragement and support together with non-pharmalogical methods for relaxing pain, for instance water immersion (normally in a birth pool), the comfort and warmth of a massage or shower, and aromatherapy. This denotes that parents choosing a free birth centre can look forward to be listened to and maintained to give birth by means of their individual resources. The midwives employed at these free birth centres mostly provide birth training classes, providing practical grounding for a normal birth and information based on evidence regarding risks and benefits, training them for breastfeeding and grounds for shifts to the labour ward if there develop any kind of risky factors at the closing stages of pregnancy or in the labour. In addition to being authorized at a personal level whilst using the free standing birth centre, sometimes parents get involved in advocating the unit and aiding to shape its prospective development. Thus, free standing birth centres can be a resource of the community and ...