Gender Role In Iran, Japan And American Cultures

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Gender Role in Iran, Japan and American Cultures

Gender Role in Iran, Japan and American Cultures


A gender role is a bunch of behavioral as well as social norms, which are perceived appropriate for both of the genders - male and female from a social as well as interpersonal point of view. As a matter of fact, there are different opinions from many of the quarter pertaining to the difference between the role of genders, in terms of whether they are innate or an outcome of the cultural of social components; furthermore, there is also a tinge of physiological and biological factors in the allocation of role. Role of gender varies across cultures, in most of the cultures there are only two genders, while some have even more. Androgyny is a name given to a third kind of gender. There are societies where there are more than five genders, while that of non-Western societies have three genders such as woman, man and a third gender.

This paper focuses over the role of gender in three of the cultures - Iran, Japan and America. However, among them, there will be an adequate discussion regarding the role each of the gender play in these societies and their relative importance in comparison to each other.


A gender role is a position or place that one maintains in a particular family, society or even within a relationship of being male or female or any other gender. From a conventional point of view, the role of gender is more inclined to action because one either work outside the home or fulfill a nurturing role while living in the family. As a matter of fact, the role of man, as a gender, was known as breadwinner, i.e., on who earns money in order to support family through working outside the home. On the other hand, the role of women was considered as a care for family and that of household, and was considered as a support for man success.

Over the period of time, the notion of gender role has weathered a paradigm shift and it has become tedious to answer the question related to the role of gender, since the gap between different genders has been shrinking. It is evident from the contemporary world order that wives are also playing the role of breadwinner and was participating in the overall income of the household. While on the other side, husbands or males are providing nurturing facilities in order to raise their children, simply a kind of swap between these two sorts of genders has been evident.

As a matter of fact, there is a natural difference between the role of male and female, and will always be due to many of the natural factors and the general perception of the society. However, in that case, one must enjoy the natural existence as well as being a participant under the particular domain. Over the time period, the notion regarding sexuality part possesses weathered a paradigm transfer possesses turn out ...