Geo Technics 1

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Geo Technics 1

Geo Technics 1


This paper intends to discuss the origin of each rock present in the area described. The accompanying geological maps are at a scale of 1:10000. Map one represents the solid geology and Map two represents the superficial deposits or drifts superimposed. The purpose of this paper is to produce a proposal of constructing a new highway whose centre line is shown between locations A and B. The carriageway will be at a level of 30ms above Ordnance Datum at A and at B. Moreover, no significant change will be evaluated within this section of the road. This paper will particularly describe the geology of the area making reference to the origin of the rocks identified.

Further, the possible problems that the geology might pose for the construction of highway will be identified. The associated structures like embankments, bridges or cutting will also be explored. The classification of possible geological sources of materials within the map area which could be used within the construction of highways and the associated structures will be done. The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the significant aspects of geology that needs to be considered before deciding on the construction structures.


Origin of Rocks


Crags are usually referred to as being steep and deep rugged masses of rocks intending to project upward or outward. The geological features of various crags provide special interest showing the quality of the rocks. Crags are normally sandstone beds which tend to lie down on the sediments from a meandering river. The downward slopes are based upon the cliffs towards various woods. Crags are usually topped by flat ground and carpeted with heather. Crags remain one of the most important parts of the underlying geology (Mick, 1999 Pp. 78-90).


Dolerite is basically a bright colored rock which tends to possess various basic characteristics composed essentially of pyroxene. Moreover, it also features triclinic feldspar along with a field of magnetic iron. It is also assumed to be similar to the coarse grained basalt. Dolerite is usually found easily and abruptly with diorite. It is assumed to be minor and one of the most basic rocks within the geology of intrusive igneous rocks. It possesses various crystals and texture which is similar to possess a dark grey color. The basic component of Dolerite is assumed to be pyroxene along with feldspar. It also tends to contains quartz or olivine. It can be usually seen along with the coasts of bedding planes and joints (Prentice, 1990 Pp. 200-215).


Shale is basically a clay stone which is assumed to be fissile and split in various layers. Shale remains assumingly soft and is not cropped out till the time the rock gets harder. Geologists remain extremely critical about their views on the rules related to the sedimentary rocks. The sediments are divided into various particles like gravel and sand. Shale is quite harder and it reflects the silica cement which tends to make it closer to the ...
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