Geography Assignment

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Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment

Answer 1

Population Geography

Population geography is a biggest branch of human geography. The key focus of population geography is on the scientific study of people including their spatial distribution, and the density of people on earth. This branch of geography examines the increase and decrease in population, general patterns, migration of people, and population's occupation by geographers.

It deals with the study of trends and statistics pertaining to population.

Demographic Transition Model Theory

Demographic transition model theory is designed to capture the change in population over time. It is considered as an essential tool in the field of population geography. This model is spread four stages of development of a country. The x-axis shows population growth and level of technology, while y-axis presents death and birth rate. The purple line represents death rate and green line represents birth rate.

First stage is characterized by high birth as well as mortality rate as a result of which the natural increase is little in the population and so the population is relatively small.

Second stage is characterized by increased birth and decreased mortality rate as a result of which in turn leads to population growth. This scenario manifests usually in developed countries.

The third stage is characterized by decreasing birth as well as death rate and the population change representing country development, which leads to decelerating population growth.

The last stage indicates both birth and death rates as decreased thereby resulting in smaller natural increase in the population.

Answer 2

Theism, Atheism and Agnosticism

Theism is what characterizes a theist whilst atheism characterizes, and in the dame manner agnosticism could be indicated as what is followed by an agnostic. To understand these terms, it is imperative to understand who are thesis, atheist and agnostic. A theist is the one who believes in the existence of God; and identifies Him as the creator and regulator of the universe all the things that are visible in the universe and mankind. However, he does not believe or is not necessarily in alignment with the concept of doctrine of the Trinity or of Divine Revelation. Atheist does not believes in the existence of God considering all the matters as eternal heralding what is usually called as 'Creation' by theists, consequences of natural laws. Popularly known as Big Bang Theory is what is used by atheists to describe 'the explosion'; big bang, following which the world came into being. Agnostics only believe in what they see and thus what is knowable. The doctrines mentioned above are rejected utterly by agnostics citing them as 'past human understanding'

Muslim and Islam

Muslim is the one who follows the religion of Islam and believes in the oneness of God; Allah, and in Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) as His last messenger to bring the messages of Allah to the followers of Islam. Literally 'Muslim' is an Arabic which stands for 'One who Submits'. A Muslim therefore submits to the will of God; Allah, considering 'Allah' as the one and only God and the ...