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Acid Rain - It is a harmful rain which contains acidic substances which are formed in the atmosphere by the mixture of industrial gases missed with the water.

Barometer - It is an instrument which being used for the purpose of measuring the atmospheric pressure (Doug, 2009).

Cyclone - it one of the natural hazards which is formed by the inward circulation of air that has low pressure center which circulates clockwise and counterclockwise and sucks every object that comes in its way.

Drought - It is referred as time period of extremely dry and rough weather. Drought is a dangerous and most hazardous phenomenon for the nature as well for the plants and surroundings.

Earthquake - An earthquake (furthermore acknowledged like a tremor, shake or tremble) is the outcome of an unexpected discharge of power or energy in the crust of earth that generates seismic effect (Doug, 2009).

Flood - Floods are a type of natural disaster which has a devastating effect on humans and their belongings; it causes the loss of lives, in addition to loss of property and other kinds of losses which, in many cases cannot be overcome.

Geologist - A person who studies the science of earth's history by researching in rocks formation and earths natural hazards (Doug, 2009).

Hydrologic Cracking - It is the transmission of breakages in sheet of rock induced by the occurrence of a hassled liquid.

Isolated - Something which is been separated physically from a substance or from an already mixed composition of a mixture of two or more substances.

Jet - It is a form of a lignite rock which is found in the mid oceanic ridge and also being used in making jewelry and ornaments.

Karst - It is a landscape that is being formed by the reaction of ground water in locations that are easily soluble rocks.

Lava - ...
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