Girl Interrupted

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Girl interrupted

Girl interrupted


Girl interrupted is the movie that describe the story of girl name Suzanna and who has been diagnosed with the disease of borderline in year 1960 (Kaysen, 1993). This movie is based on the memoir of by Suzanna Kaysen. She is admitted to the psychiatric hospital where she able to find a friend with having sociopath and the roommates with a pathological liar. This is the film which based on the process of recovery from psychological affect and about all major factors that surround recovery process than process itself. However, this movie nevertheless provides a worthwhile exploration of the mental illness as well as effectiveness of the mental health care system. Major aim of this paper is to discover the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Suzanna goes through the movie.


The major character of movie is performed by 18 years of Suzanna Kaysen. Her experience to stay herself at hospital in meantime of recovery. In year 1967, Suzanna makes half heart attempt for suicide through ingesting an aspirin bottle and also chasing the pills with vodka bottle. In emergency, she is taken towards the hospital where her stomach is pumped by the doctors and she is able to survive. After while, she is completely examined by the psychologist who explore her recent feelings and experiences. The psychologist conclude his research in the way that Suzanna with her parent assent she tried this act and she it would be better for Susana at Claymore, a private hospital.

Borderline Personality

Borderline personality disorder is characterized by the intense mood shift that is lastly occurs in last few hours at a time. this disorder most of the time accompanied by the different periods of intense aggression in patient, substance abuse and behavior of self injurious such as cutting, binge eating or a casual sex (Marshall, 2006). People with having a disease of borderline personality will most of the time also try to attempt suicide in period of extreme danger and feeling of anger. Majority of people who have borderline personality issue also feel extremely bored, mistreated, empty or feeling alone themselves. From act of Suzanna, we can indicate that she had been suffered from Borderline personality. However, major causes of such type of act being more crucial to be define which is discussed in later part of this paper. Study indicates that Intense feeling of such loneliness are usually followed through the different efforts to being avoid alone such as share your feeling with friends that help you better suggestions (Pearce, 2011).

Suzanna was initially taken towards hospital because she taking an aspirin bottle of Vodka. However, she claims that she was not trying to kill herself. After examined in the hospital she had different bruises on her hand and it was stated that she had no bones left on her left hand that become a severe issue. This could be considered as the self-mutilation but if person does not have a bone on her hand it would suggest as a ...