Global Climate Change

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Global Climate Change


There is a wide range of environmental issues that the planet faces currently. These include ozone rupture, extinction of species, pollution and much more. However, the one problem has contributed chiefly in upsetting various other environmental aspects is known as Climate Change or more specifically Global Warming. Irrespective of the fact that the humans are solely to be blamed for a number of activities that result in the absurd climate changes, the problem has majorly affect various social matters and areas of the humans life. Although, there have been taken several steps and measures in order to control the climate variations and hence its impacts on human lives. However, the everyday increasing consequences of the problems only proves that the measures adapted were not effective and useful enough. Hence, the global warming continues to affect various sides of the humans' social life.


Global warming can simply be defined as the constant increase in the average temperature of the oceans and the Earth's atmosphere. It is important to note that it has been observed and recorded since late 19th century that the earth's atmosphere temperature has raised up to alarming extent and have been recorded to only continue rising (Parry, pp.60).


It is important to note that that inappropriate and excessive climate system warming is now very unequivocal and obvious as the consequences are becoming more and more clearer. The scientists and other experts dedicated several years of research in to finding the root causes of the problem. Around 90% of the scientist and other experts have stated that the primarily causes of the problem are the raise of concentrations of the greenhouse gases produced. However, it is also important to note that these gasses increase only as a result of the human activities that includes deforestation, industrialization and burning of the fossil fuels (Parry, pp.60). In addition, the other human made pollutants have also played a major role in further prevailing the consequences of the problems.

Impact and Scale

The impact of global warming can be simply be defined by the various ecological and social variations and changes that are caused by the abrupt and constant increase in the global temperatures. These impacts are the prime evidence of the climate variations. In addition, these evidence the extent or scale up to which the problem of global warming has affected the planet. Hence, when it comes to the ecological changes strictly, the global warming has resulted in decrease in the snow cover in Northern Hemisphere, abrupt melting of glaciers located in different geographical locations and finally increase in the sea levels (Watson, Marufu & Richard, pp.108). What is important to note is that the ecological consequences are not just limited to certain changes in the geographical aspects. In fact, these factors are very directly related to the social changes that occur as a result of Global Warming.

The social impacts of the climate change can be explained in terms of vulnerability and sensitivity. Vulnerability can be defined as the extent up to ...
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