Global Warming: How Car Emission Is Affecting

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Global warming: How car emission is affecting


Global warming is a phenomenon that results from "radiative" forcing as a result of various gaseous and particulate substances in Earth's atmosphere. The increase in Earth's mean surface temperature caused by warming of land, ocean, and/or atmosphere as a result of the amount of the sun's radiant energy that not re radiated into space but absorbed by the Earth and it components.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more depending on cars as ways of transportations. It is rare to find a family that does not have at least one car. Although cars are the best sorts of transportation, the ever growing number of cars is affecting the eco-system because of the large quantity of emissions regardless of the size of engines and the difference in fuel consumption from one car to another. Many people think that cars are not a major contributor in global warming, although studies showed that emissions are really dangerous on the environment.


A change in global mean surface temperature from global warming results in a variety of physical and chemical changes to Earth systems that often manifest themselves in weather events (such as hurricanes or thunderstorms). The long-term (regional) “average” of these weather events determines what we term our climate and defines the weather we expect at any time of the year at any place on the globe. The change in well-established climate patterns recognized as climate change.


Cars and Global Warming

There is great concern about the emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect comes from cars and this contributes to global warming. Transportation is to become a real headache. New fuels, new cars, and new types of communities discussed as solutions.

Hybrid engines

All hybrids are environmentally friendly is as false statement. The mere fact that a car or truck uses some form of electric propulsion does not make him an ambassador of the units clean, as some of these vehicles emit up to 7 tons of CO2 per year, consuming about 17 barrels of fuel the same period, figures for where they want to see continue to be harmful to the environment. Hybrid engines are touted by countless celebrities as a way to prevent global warming. Many celebrities prefer the Prius hybrid car. These hybrid cars do have two times of the performance in miles per gallon, that standard car. At the same time, these cars reduce harmful emissions that cause global warming.

The second cause of Automobiles pollution

The cars burn gasoline significantly contributes to global warming. In fact, it is the second largest cause of pollution that causes global warming in the United States and in large cities. It would be of immense benefit, if the cars could be more efficient. If they could burn cleaner fuels would be even better. I know predicted that Americans will continue to use gasoline powered cars burning in the next 20 years (Anil, 89). The estimated number is about 300 million new cars circulating on the streets and highways. With these expectations, it is clear ...
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