Going To Heaven

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Going to Heaven


Most religions teach, including Christian denominations, good people that live on after death to a heavenly place. For Christians to be the sky of this paradise, a place of unsurpassed happiness that you will enjoy forever. Nevertheless, no one really seems to look forward to death to get into the sky. Death is preceded by the usual Christian idea of ??entering into paradise needs to want to delay as long as most as possible. The general fear of death can be a ticket office for a ride compare to Paradise, before which, however, no one wants to hire.


Perhaps one reason for the lack of rush to death as an "entry ticket" to heaven, the lack of a convincing explanation for the activity of the last in the sky "arrivals". If we are to spend eternity there, we should say the Christian denominations may have, so we'll spend our time, right? If we play the harp, or perhaps God rigid? With these two ideas - not unknown in the Christian world - no one can really be friends. The British historian Paul Johnson notes to heaven: "Heaven.. . lacks a real incentive. He lacks any real definition (Sheridan). He is the great hole in theology "(The Quest for God, 1996, page 173). When the sky really is the Christian goal in life is why so little is actually in the Bible about it? It's a good reason for the biblical vacuum on the sky: The Bible does not teach that the righteous will receive heaven as a reward (Krause & Bastida). As we shall see, the Bible reveals something very different future for the people who practice the original Christianity of the New Testament.

Not only the sky as a theological concept is suspect: The hell is fraught with problems. What happens to the wicked, with the wicked? What future awaits them? Many professing Christians believe that the wicked will suffer eternal torment in hell fire (Tymn). They claim that this vision is a doctrine of the Bible. We therefore present a simple question: Is it really makes a gracious God, the people in so much pain and suffering experienced by millions and millions of years?

The Bible describes God not as unfeeling monsters, tormenting the unrepentant man forever, but as a gracious God who has provided the death as "the wages of sin" (Romans 6:23). God does not want the bad ...
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