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The word green now has become a household term in the society. The word green considered as living in an environmentally friendly way. Green energy is considered as a term which describes the energy sources that are known for non polluting energy. These considered being environmental friendly. Green energy also prevents the global warming. The dominant aim of green energy is to reduce air pollution. Whenever the concept of green energy is used, it means something positive. So here the green energy also means to reduce air pollution from the environment. In other words, we can say that, green energy is used to make the environment healthy. Green energy movement cannot be done without technology (Doherty, 2002).

The Green Energy Movement is also known as Green Movement, it is a monumental environmental movement revolution to protect Green Energy. Green energy is useful in many aspects, but the most beneficial aspect is the environment, it all started after World War Two, a greater knowledge of ecology all started to take hold inside the collective awareness of the populace. Considered one of the main reasons was the population boom which was happening on the globe. Popular intellectuals began to distribute works that drew attention to rising demands on the world's natural resources as a result of human activities. Through the nineteen-fifties, sixties and 70's, disasters like greatly publicized gigantic oil spills in England and Santa Barbara, human beings from Japan exposed to radioactive matter ensuing from irresponsible tests of the H-Bomb, nuclear expansion/proliferation as a whole, images of our world from space, and the creation of the new government agencies planned to shield the ecosystem critically amplified public awareness.

Nowadays, public attention of the green movement has soared to an all time high. The birth of social media has augmented communications as well as the exchange of information and concepts like never before in history. Climate change has ruled the news cycle. Even now, as the world blows up to a population of seven billion people, a number of the world's most respected scientists are forewarning that if considerably more is not done, human kind itself faces extinction. The Green Movement has been started by USA, but later it is going to be more for the world economically that anything has happened in the decades.

Many other countries in the world including the UK, India and China have reconsidered their energy policies and have tried to reduce their dependence on green energy. In India, the Government has mandated the increase in production of green energy by 1% per year. While this might add to the consumers' bills, experts feel that it will assist the country in the long run. In Germany, Merkel's party stumbled due to their unpopular actions which included an extension of the lifespan of Germany's 17 nuclear plants by an average of 12 years despite rising nuclear fear. However, the US government still remains in favor of nuclear power while promoting green energy at the ...
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