Green Power Electric Cars

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Green Power Electric Cars

Green Power Electric Cars


Electric cars can drive green, but that does not happen: electricity generated from brown coal is dirtier than today's combustion engines. European and national policies can ensure that the extra power demand of these cars does not lead to more coal-generated power, but to additional green electricity. If that happens, these cars in traffic a lot more energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. CE Delft has put together a list which European and national policy-makers should take measures to ensure that electric cars better results than climate fuel engines (Michael, 2001, Pp. 122).

A fuel cell uses hydrogen fuels with oxygen from air to produce electricity and heat, without producing CO2. Fuel reacts with an oxidant in the presence of an electrolyte. A fuel cell works by catalysis, separating electrons and protons of the fuel and forcing the electrons to travel through a circuit to convert them to electricity. Fuel cells are compact and lightweight, have no major moving parts, and are extremely reliable. They can operate continuously, as long as necessary flows are maintained. A hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as an oxidant. Electrochemical extraction of energy from hydrogen is inefficient because it requires adding large amounts of energy to water or hydrocarbon fuels. Hydrogen is only as clean as the energy source used to produce it. Although hydrogen fuel cells emit only water and heat as waste, pollution is generated during the production of the hydrogen because production typically requires the combustion of petroleum or natural gas. Fuel cell vehicles could account for a third of the market share by 2050 if hydrogen and fuel cell costs could be greatly reduced and powerful incentives implemented.


The waste collector for the municipality of Veldhoven, Baetsen, recently purchased trucks that 'green gas' drive. For this reward sustainable development, Councillor Nicole Ramaekers recently presented the first Green Gas Veldhoven certificate to the firm Baetsen.

Waste disposal company Baetsen rides

Since its foundation already has Baetsen sustainable path. Since early this year with Baetsen driving garbage trucks that use natural gas, and now also in green gas. This reduces the company's CO2 emissions in the habitat of Veldhoven. Not only possible to separate flows, but also by the collection at the cleanest possible way. The move to green gas fits into the company's efforts to Baetsen CO2 neutral ride. Baetsen can now if it were running on waste 'that they themselves have ever collected!

Delivery Point for 'green gas' available

Until late last year was around Veldhoven not possible to run on natural gas because there was no point of delivery. Since December 2009, natural gas is available at gas station in the industrial Fuwell Turn Eight at The Plaza 26 in Eindhoven. As of May 1, 2010, the Truck Stop gas station 8 is connected to the green gas network. This gas is produced from biological materials such as waste, also called biogas.

About Green Gas

Green gas similar to natural gas and is ...
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