Greenfield Police Department

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Recruitment in Greenfield Police Department

Recruitment in Greenfield Police Department


In this paper we will be discussing different aspects of recruitment process in Greenfield Police Department. The idea of formulating this paper is to provide suggested changes to the current hiring process to reflect the department's emphasis on community policing. In this regard we will be discussing potential consequences of outdated hiring, need of two-year degree in law enforcement and written exam, requirement of essay, and interview procedure. Furthermore we will be discussing pitfalls of fitness test and missing items of the hiring process which might help in future.

Question: What are the potential consequences with continuing with an outdated hiring process, both for the hiring manager and the department as a whole?

Answer: After getting an insight from the background of the Greenfield Police Department it has been seen that it is reluctant in adopting up to date hiring process and has become my topic to some extent. The use of old criteria of hiring may lead to adverse consequences for the entire police department in terms of potential resource. New candidate may get fake law enforcement degree in order to get the job which can adversely create a negative image of police. Department would not be able to sort out eligible candidates for the department. Using outdated hiring process lacks adaptability of innovative procedures of attracting qualified candidates, and as a result, fresh blood will be reluctant to join the department (Twersky, 2005).

Question: The Greenfield Police Department has a requirement that applicants must have a two-year degree in law enforcement. Can you think of any potential negative consequences resulting from this requirement?

Answer: Having two year law enforcement degree can have negative consequences, because if once the candidate was unable to get the job in the department may get a fake degree in order to be part of the organization. However along with the criteria of getting two year law enforcement degree, department should also ask about drug, screen/oral interviews and tests, investigation and history check.

Question: What changes should you suggest for the written exam?

Answer: In my proposed hiring program Greenfield Police Department, the orientation phase can be conducted covering initial training and education like introduction to training programs, computer literacy, desktop literacy, important destination familiarizations, basic code and conducts, of the police department. Beside this, orientation will also assist in what facilitators would be providing them with trainings. Beside this, the orientation phase can be based on the agency the training can be conducted for (Hubert, 1990).

Further, orientation will teach the office how to report for duty prepared in different situations and environments. This will incorporate, what kind of equipments should be used, which departments, organizations to inform and what procedures to follow. The Trainees can be provided with guidelines and information regarding problem based learning process and classes. Trainees do not receive an evaluation during this phase.

After the completion of orientation, the applicants can be evaluated both in theory and knowledge ...
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