Greening The Economy

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Greening the Economy: Building Environment Friendly and Cost Effective Buildings

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1- Introduction5

2- Economic benefits5

2-1 Water efficiency6

2-2 Energy efficiency7

2-3 Materials and resources7

2-4 Indoor environmental quality8

2-5 Commissioning: operations and maintenance8

3- Social benefits9

3-1 Water efficiency9

3-2 Energy efficiency10

3-3 Materials and resources10

3-4 Indoor environmental quality11

3-5 Commissioning: operations and maintenance11

4- Environmental benefits12

4-1 Water efficiency12

4-2 Energy efficiency13

4-3 Materials and resources13

4-4 Indoor environmental quality14

4-5 Commissioning: operations and maintenance14

5- Summary14


1- Introduction17

2- What is a robust building?17

3- Challenges18

3-1 Funding18

3-2 Expertise19

3-3 Floods20

3-4 Earthquakes21

4- General issues21

5- Principles of robust buildings23

6- Design requirements for robust buildings23

7- What are the risks involved in robust buildings?24

7-1 Identification25

7-3 Management25

8- Summary26


Advantages and disadvantages29

Greening the Economy: Building Environment Friendly and Cost Effective Buildings

Background of the Study

Going green is the most up-to-date trend which has taken over the entire world. These days, people from every part of the world are influencing their lifestyles and opting for greener ways. Going green means to adopt ways of life which helps in preserving the environment and prevents environmental depletion. This is done by cutting on the usage of material which degrades the environment and opts for environmentally-friendly ways. Since there is growing awareness about green ways of life, people are looking for environmentally-friendly appliances, cars, and even buildings. According to surveys conducted by different real estate enterprises, there is a growing demand among the masses to opt for green buildings. Speaking of a green home, the foremost thing, which can be thought of is the usage of eco-friendly material in the building of an edifice. Although, many people know of the existence of something called eco-friendly material, which is used in the construction of buildings, a vast majority of people are not sure as to what it implies (Wilson, 2000, 62).

Nevertheless, people are witting about green homes and purchasing and merchandising homes with the label of 'green' attached to it. Green buildings have become common in the market these days. Green edifices are built in a way that the materials used in construction of these buildings are not only sustainable materials, but they are energy-efficient too. This entails that the gadgets, devices and electrical appliances set up in homes help to save energy and reduces the use of any substance which degrades the environment or depletes natural resources. This, in return, helps to maximize the natural resources that are present in the environment. This study would be considering the question of motivating clients to commission REF buildings (Yudelson, 2008, 81).


Saving on energy and profiting the environment not only gives homeowners an inner gratification of being responsible human beings, but also gives multiple benefits and savings when it comes to basic utilities. This is the reason why people want to invest in green properties. There are various ways of transforming a home into a green one. For instance, a house can be constructed in a way so as to conform to the standards of LEED (The Leadership on Energy and Environmental ...
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