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Group F- Google vs. Microsoft

Description of the topic

When first came into the market, both of the products launched by Google and Microsoft were so different that nobody thought that their paths would cross. The main products of the Google were an internet search engine and that of Microsoft was operating systems. With time both of the companies have expanded theirselves in the market.

Products Comparison

Microsoft launched its search engines named Bing, Live Search and MSN search engines in competition with Google. However, it has not gotten popular among the internet users in comparison with Google. Google started off with a web based software Google Docs to compete with the Microsoft's Office features. The answer was given back to Google by the Microsoft and it put forward Office Live Workspace to facilitate its customers. Both Google and Microsoft have their own e-mail services. Google has Gmail while Microsoft has Microsoft Office Outlook.

Level of Competition

Both of the companies have tried their level best to launch their products in the best shape to defeat each other. When it comes to search engine products the one the Google has launched is more popular among the internet users as those of Microsoft. Whereas the instant messaging (IM) and other communication service of Microsoft are more popular because of their features. For communication purpose applications of Microsoft better meet the demands of the corporate users than Google. Security features and standards followed by Microsoft are more reliable than those of Google (Microsoft Corporation, 2010, pp.5-8).

Conclusions of the Presenters

It was concluded that the competition being offered by each Goggle and Microsoft is of great level. Bothe companies are launching their new products with several advance features. Google is off with a mission to reduce the clientele of the Microsoft with the new facets of its products. Google popularity among the consumers is increasing at a rate that poses threat to the Microsoft. Every kind of application used by any common computer user can run well on any operating system Windows, Linux or may be Mac. This will surely be of great concern to the Microsoft as its main product line is the operating system. The business model of Microsoft is on stake with the advancement of the products of Google. Google Map, Google Earth offers a great level expansion to the products of Google. Microsoft should be working to make their philosophy for business more dynamic and robust.

Counter Views

However, Google is getting more famous among the users but still there is a scope for the Microsoft. This is so because Microsoft of comprehending the need and demands of corporate world. Security issues are the main concern of the internet users these days and the layered security features associated with the applications of the Microsoft will definitely help them recover from the threat the Google is posing. In the mobile communication world

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