Hans Honor Killing In Germany

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Hans Honor killing in Germany

Read your source carefully before attempting to answer these questions. Question I.A. is the only one you should use outside sources to answer. Otherwise the primary source (in the form it is in on Carmen) is the only resource you can use to answer the remaining questions. I will not accept answers pieced together using Wikipedia or other websites. The purpose of this exercise is for you to analyze a primary source. This will require multiple readings of the text/image.

Be sure to craft a response that is comprehensive and follows proper writing guidelines. Each of your answers should be between 3 - 5 sentences. Your answers may be of use to you later in the course so keep that in mind as you fill out the worksheet.

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Basic Information



A. Identify the document--what type of document is it and when was it created?

Answer: This document is a newspaper article and it was created 22nd May, 2008 at 6:20


B. What do we know about the author/creator?

Answer: The author is a female and a journalist who is concerned about the increasing incidents of honor killing of women and believes in the fact that honor killing is unjust and inhuman and steps should be taken to ensure that the concept of honor killing is eradicated from the society since nobody deserves to take away the life of anyone.

C. Who is the intended audience? How does this affect the tone of the document?

Answer: There is no specific intended audience and it is directed towards everyone since the articles enlightens those who believe and conduct honor killing or families who have someone who does it. It is also directed towards the justice system to provide justice to girls like Morsal but punishing the killer. It is also directed towards higher authority to improve the schooling system by encouraging schools to teach the upcoming generation that honor killing is inhuman.

The tone of the document is strong and shows the degree to which the author detests inhuman acts.

D. What is the content of the document? What are the main points and arguments?

Answer: It is about a 16 year old girl who was killed by her brother because she did not live her life on the kind of values that her brother had who was a 23 year old. Her sister tried living her life like all young girls do in terms of dressing up and hanging out with friends. It was this aspect that her brother thought might end up taking her to the wrong path which he detested severely. He asked his family members to keep an eye on her for safety reasons. The girl moved out when she was constantly threatened. She still didn't want to disconnect from her family and hence decided to meet her brother. It was upon meeting that her brother ...