Health And Safety In The Engineering Workplace

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Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

Answer No. 1

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 emphasize on the point that management is responsible for the safety and well-being of their employees and customers. To study the fundamental features on health and safety as applied to a particular working condition, two engineering companies are selected. These two engineering organizations include E & J W Glendinning Ltd; a renowned construction company at UK, and the second organization selected is an engineering workshop at UK called TMA Engineering.

The regulations of Health and Safety at Work Act 1947 regarding the engineering workshops is of worth importance, it encourages making of a checklist containing procedures for instant action and long-term solutions, therefore in this regard TMA Engineering have an instant check list containing checks about machine guards, requirements of workplace area and passageway floors, lifting heavy or bulky items and many others. Regulations also include, ventilation and temperature controlled environment at the workshop, accordingly TMA engineering provide 5 litres/second per occupant (HAS act 1974 recommends 8 litres/second per occupant) and the air movement at the workshop is 0.1-0.15 meters/second, it is in accordance with HAS act 1974. The regulation avoids hazardous manual lifting, TMA Engineering provides its employees with mechanical aids for lifting heavy equipments. Regulation recommend the companies to conduct training sessions for employees regarding the health and safety, these measures are followed at TMA Engineering; it arrange workshops and training sessions that include training regarding fire extinguishers and others.

E & J W Glendinning Ltd has also changed its policies and regulations according to the HAS act 1974, it has made a health and safety checklist for the safety of its employees. According to the HAS act 1974 regulations, it has made mandatory for its workers, and visitors to wear safety equipments when at work place, these equipments include safety helmets, safety glasses, mask and others. It also arranges training and workshop sessions for its employees and also for visitors to create awareness regarding health and safety at the workplace. According to the regulation company reminds employees of their duties, to take care of their own and others health and safety.

Answer No. 2

The roles and responsibilities under current health and safety legislation and regulations, of those involved; all employees, sub-contractors, mechanical and electrical engineering managers, head of departments/ managers are of worth importance. It is the responsibility of all employees if they are aware about any unsafe condition or practice so they must tell their supervisor at once, to ensure all guards are securely fixed, not to operate any equipment or plant until they are told to do so. It is the responsibility of sub-contractors to provide their employees with all necessary personal protective equipment and clothing, keep store areas safe, clean and tidy, to present the operators certificate of competence to site management. Mechanical and electrical engineering managers are responsible for understanding and implementing the company's plan, prepare and maintain all suitable ...
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