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Partnership in Health and Social Care

Partnership in Health and Social Care

Q1) Examine partnerships with users of services that empower individuals to make informed decisions and encourage independence

Health and social care are dynamic pillars of any society. They aim to deliver the highest level of care and standard quality of service to their clients. Their importance is inevitable in a community. All care workers have the responsibility to provide the best service while abiding by the rules and regulations set by the government. Health and social care involve every area that affects human living like health, legal issues, community living and awareness among the public.

Government policy makers have realized the importance of service user participation in the development and planning of health and social care services and this is clearly visible in new health and social care policies (Cameron et al, 2012). In modern era, majority of the users has played vital part in enhancing the services of health and social care, however, participation and contribution of these users is unpredictable and inconsistent primarily because of changing environment, attitude of people involved in these important sectors, and continuous innovation in the field of health and social care.

Existing literature supports the inconsistent contribution of users, however, (Department of health, 2004, pp. 24-28) further indicated that that there is shortage of monitoring and evaluation of user contribution in health and social care, as over the years very modest data has been officially record and available at local, regional or national levels. For example, children act of 2000 clearly explains that we do not have authentic and concrete data that could be used analyze the participation of users.

Meanwhile, little information is available regarding the tools and methods incorporated in the partnership but again lack of research work on assessment of the association between the technique used and outcome achieved(Cameron et al, 2012).

However, this by no means indicates that these contribution proposals are unsuccessful in enhancing the services of social and healthcare of public that are using these services, in-fact these small level of participation from users have changed the living structure of lower income people in the society by providing them the option and opportunity of using the best health and social care services across the country.

Q2) Partnership and inter-agency working in health and social care

Over the years, inter-agency partnership in the public sector particularly in the health and social care has remains a continually complicated task, yet government of the country and policy makers are confident and passionate about successful implementation of inter-agency working in public sector. Moreover, not only government officials but people working in these public center are trying are also talking about the incorporation of inter-agency working but the foremost important problem in incorporation of this step is how managers and other professionals of these organization can be encouraged to work in collaboration for the benefit of health care and social center.

In-spite of the fact the government and other concerning authorities has not ...
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