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Health Behavior

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Health Behavior


Health is built or destroyed every day, through the behaviors, attitudes, habits and skills that each person develops. Health behavior is determined by multiple factors - including individual, family, social, environmental and political elements. Among individual factors that promote self-care is the concept and value of health, educational and cultural aspects that are transmitted from generation to generation. Living a healthy life does not only mean to avoid ailments one after another and trying not to feel so bad as much as a person normally feels. It means to have a feeling of being well mentally, physically and socially, as well. It is about taking those decisions which allow a person to stay happy as long as he or she wants to be. In a nutshell, living a healthy life style is the key to living a happy life. People make efforts to have such inner strength that their body will support them in their old age (Ellsberg, Heise, 2005). Not only this, they also strive to have peace of mind and mental clarity, along with a good performance at their jobs, avoid distressing relationships and an overall feeling of well being. A number of researches and studies have identified various ways through which people can have a healthy life style. In particular, three specific ways have been identified as the most influential in maintaining a healthy life style.

Section 1: Current Researches

An important aspect of lifestyle is the way to see, treat and relate to others, including the family, school, work and social life. So is the way of exercising sexuality, ability to seek information and make it their own, how to express emotions, feelings, and to embrace change, challenges and duels. Sense of humor is an important factor for health; laughter is, for example, a therapy and medicine at no cost and with excellent results. How to handle stress, frustration, failures, and the ability to tackle everyday problems and make mistakes as learning environment is one of the lifestyles we adopt. Based on this finding, many coroners have struggled to find common and accessible ways to maintain, restore or improve health outcomes in different dimensions. The evidence uncovered so far suggests that the personal lifestyle is the major factor responsible for the sense of health and well being (Brownson, 2000).

According to various studies exercise is the best possible way to maintain good health, both physical as well as mental. Physical activity is the key to a healthy life. It is not possible to avoid physical activity, as the body is purely meant to move and to when this does happen, the body becomes unhappy and ultimately ill. Physical activity also helps in releasing the feel good hormones, endorphins, which h leads to a sense of well being in people. Other ways of having a healthy life style also include healthy eating, it goes whit the saying, and you are what you eat or garbage in garbage out. According to research this is very true because whatever a person eats, directly have an influence on the person's health, mental clarity, moods and the working of the mind...
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