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Health Care

Health and Social Care Bill 2011

Table of Contents



Implications for Commissioners and Providers of Care4

Challenges faced by NHS Leaders in implementing The Health Policy8

Spending Cuts10

Failure in Controlling Health Spending11

The Supply Management11

The Price Controls12

The Regulation of the Demand for Health12

Sharing Information13


Administrative Structure and Ground-Level Management15

Matching the Right Payment Model and Care Model16

Creating Financial Incentives16

Strategies to overcome Challenges17


Health and Social Care Bill 2011: Improving Quality of Care


National Health Services (NHS) is responsible for proving the people with the best healthcare services. It is important for the government to make sure that the people are being treated rightly and they are getting all the services that they deserve. With this, it has been made sure that certain changes take place in the bill; therefore, the new bill, Health and Social Care Bill 2011 has been formed. The main aim of the bill is to ensure that NHS improves its services by incorporating modernization. With the help of this aspect, NHS will be able to provide the people with the best healthcare services. The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 ensures that the patients are empowered and the healthcare providers are allowed to innovate so that they can work in the best possible manner that will help them to focus on the issue of public health.

There are a number of key policy areas that are explained in the bill and it has been made sure that the patients are provided with the best possible care. The changes that have been made in this bill are related to the rising demand and treatment costs, the need for the improvement in the care provided and the state of finances. There are certain legislative changes in the policy, as well, which will ensure that the NHS is more responsible, efficient and accountable for the services that it is providing to the patients.


It is important for the healthcare industry to work in a manner that will prove to be effective for the industry and that will help in knowing as to how patients should be looked after. The bill is an important and essential representation of what the government is doing to help the patients get the right care and that they are able to recover in the least possible time. This bill is an essential step in making sure that the people of the country are getting the right treatment and changes are being made accordingly. With this, it should be made sure that the changes that are taking place are in the favor of the people and they are getting the right treatment. The changes proposed in the bill should be implemented so that everyone associated with it can take advantage and can help in getting the best out of them. The regulators will also have to make sure that the bill is incorporated in a manner so that the people get the most out of it.

Out of the many themes discussed in the bill, one major theme that will be discussed through different perspectives ...
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