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Health Care Organisations Values and Culture

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The chairman,

Topic: Health Care Organisations Values and Culture

First of all I would like to thank you all for you presence in this conference. In this conference I will present my ideas on mental health and the healthcare sector in our organisation. I will summarize the development of general hospital psychiatry, its current status and its possible future developments. I will be considering various articles on the issue of values and culture in health care institutions and on the importance of training and development of nursing staff.

Organizational Values

We are an organization dedicated to providing a new alternative to improve the quality of life and health of people through a modern and holistic therapy, using the Quantum Bioresonance and Biofeedback. We offer all our cutting-edge therapies and with the highest standards of quality in our services in order to help get a higher quality of life for our patients. Value in healthcare organization is a concept which entails the elements of culture, service and development. Following are some of the values which we have established in our organization.

Summary of the Main Points

Trust and respect are key players in developing and maintaining organizational values. The concept of trust surrounds to idea of securing personal information of the patients. The patients are comfortable in giving their information to doctors and nurses and are their responsibility to maintain privacy of every individual patient. Trust is established by the patients on the staff and respect to the patients is the duty of the staff members in return.

Passion: means to give myself to my work with genuine enthusiasm, to do my best, looking for my continuous improvement and welfare of my clients and my company.

Commitment: I show it working every day with the conviction to give it my best, giving confidence to others that I will not fail.

Integrity: I am consistent with my values ??both at work and at home.

Honesty: I manage through truth and respect for moral and social, both at work and at home.

Service: I give more than they require me to serve my customers both internal and external.

Vocation of Service: I strive to provide the best customer service.

Help vocation: I recognize how important and valuable than I am and I would be helped, and likewise offer help before I request it.

Friendly: We are always open and receptive to suggestions, comments and needs of our customers.

The concept of continuous development

The set of beliefs, symbols, climate, historical events, philosophical principles, mission, vision, values ??and norms shared by members of an organization, which determine the social, distinguishes and identifies shapes the behaviour and attitudes individuals. Professional training of nurses will be ensured and the Four-Tier Model will be implemented in the facility which ensures the continuous development of nurses and medical practitioners.

Nurses Training and Development

Leiter, Dorward and Cox identified the significance of training and development of nurses and they impact it has on the delivery of their services. They argued that value ...
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