Health Care Organizations

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Health Care Organizations


Health care in the United States has been revolutionized by the introduction of managed care. Used by both public and private, managed care is an alternative to the remuneration of health services. In arrangements of managed care, financing and delivery of health care is provided through contracts with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health agencies, home care, and other suppliers. It has been described as a system of health care in which a variety of methods are used to contain the costs of services while maintaining quality of care.

Future of Health Care

In the last decade (1990s), the health care started getting worst because of the increase in the number of the people in the Medicaid program (scheme designed by United States of America to provide State and Federal funds for people needing assistance with medical expenses) resulting into the considerable increase in the expenditure of the Government for health care systems.

But then the managed health care system was introduced to improve health care and advantages for the Medicaid while reducing the expenses of Government.

Advancements in Technology

The medical technology has advanced to such an extent that is beyond our imaginations but many health centers still need to update their technology immediately. Although many advancements have been made but the biotech industry still need many modernizations in the medical care and there is also an immense need to find out the treatments and cure for those diseases that are fatal and are the leading cause of death all over the world. (Dr. Patrick Dixon, The future of healthcare)

Cost Effectiveness

Every patient deserves better services and treatment by the best and most experienced doctor and well-trained nurses but it is possible that he is not able to afford the bills of the best doctor or the medications ...
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