Health Informatics

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Health Informatics

Health Informatics


The Health Informatics is now a well established interdisciplinary applied science, which involves the application of modern information and communication technologies, in order to capture and use data, information and medical knowledge and health for a multitude of applications. This field of expertise is primarily in organizations providing health services as hospitals, laboratories, clinics, offices, basic public health, as well as under managers of health systems and payers, such as government and health insurance providers, and organizations that analyze and process patient information and health processes (CDT, 2008).

Health professionals also work in the areas of teaching, research and development centers teaching and research, and health organizations. They also work in consulting firms; companies specialized in the development and implementation of systems and also for businesses that provide hospital medical equipment, such as medical imaging systems or equipment clinical laboratory.

Although the specific tasks of the health practitioner vary between organizations, believes that the characterization of this professional can be described in a unique way, as shown in in the following discussion. Virtually all processes of care or management of health care can receive support from Informatics in Health Examples occur in all sectors and stages of attention processes and health promotion.


Concepts and Importance of Informatics of Health

Basic skills and essential set forth in this document pursue the concepts presented follows:


Sets - competency as a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and / or capacity decision in a particular area of expertise or focus


The competencies in this document represent the minimum requirements for a professional Health Informatics perform their work safely and independently, or as a member a team that includes multiple specialties.


To the extent that the Health Informatics professional's progress from an initial level to a level more advanced, wait - if they develop a set of skills ...
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