Patient Centred Care and Safeguarding

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Patient centred care and safeguarding

Patient centred care and safeguarding


Online activities and discussion has cleared two pieces of evidence that was related to the health and social care. Patient centred care and safeguarding are two very important approaches for the delivery of quality healthcare to the patients. However, certain healthcare staffs are ignoring patients during their treatment plan. It is the social and professional responsibility of healthcare staff to give appropriate treatment to their patients.


Patient Centre Cared

Patient Centre Cared refers to the active involvement and participation of patients and their relatives in the decision making for treatment. Patient centre cared plays an extremely important role in the treatment of patients. It is very important for the patients and their family to give complete support to the healthcare staff. However, some articles have revealed that the attitude and behaviour of healthcare staff is not appropriate with certain elderly patients. It is a serious ethical misconduct by the healthcare staff to ignore and neglect elder patients or clients. It is unacceptable for me to ignore or neglect my patient group in the clinical settings (Denny & Earle, 2005, pp.nd).

The association of Nursing has clearly mentioned that nurses should give complete attention and support to their patients and their decisions. Moreover, the association has also described that nurses should give priority to individual centred care. Ignorance or negligence to elderly patients should not be acceptable by the management of healthcare organizations. Personal and professional ethics do not allow any healthcare individual to ignore any patient. Moreover, there is a direct impact of personal and professional attitudes and views over the health of patients. It is the professional responsibility of all healthcare professionals to work for their patients. That is why; ignorance and negligence to elderly patients is a serious misconduct by certain healthcare staff (Denny & Earle, 2005, pp.nd).

Articles have also mentioned that it is the views of certain healthcare staff that elderly people are not have enough capability to make decision regarding their health. There is a great importance of supporting inclusion within social and health care regarding the health of patients. Moreover, personal and professional behaviours and values are also related to the enhanced care of patients in health care settings. Appropriate behaviours of healthcare staff will surely help the patients to overcome their conditions. Positive attitudes and behaviours of healthcare staff will enhance the trust level of the patients. According to the article, negative attitudes of certain healthcare staff with elder people is associated with increased risks and complications. Healthcare staff should treat every patient will complete equality (Denny & Earle, 2005, pp.nd).

The role of NMC is extremely clear regarding professional caring roles of nurses and other healthcare staff. NMC has mentioned that every healthcare staff should give priority to the health issues of the patients. Moreover, healthcare staff should make therapeutic relationships with their patients for better patients. NMC also described that it is the most important responsibility of nurses to deliver quality healthcare to their patients (Naidoo & Wills, ...