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Discrimination and inhuman treatment to offenders with disabilities in correctional facilities. This above mentioned thesis statement is linked with the criminal justice system and highlights all the issues that depict the true story as well.

As a matter of fact victims of crime have been denied by the full participation in the process of the criminal justice system. All those crime victims in Canada who are with the disabilities and also their families are less likely to reap all the benefits that are linked with the system of the criminal justice process as well as methods. As per various researches it has been proved that according to the disability advocates; crimes particularly in Canada that are actually against those people who are with the disabilities are as a matter of fact not reported to the police. This is the reason that very few in Canada are prosecuted and thus no proper decisions can be made. Therefore, when a proper criminal justice system is reviewed as well as analyzed there are thus very few victims with the disabilities in Canada who are highlighted in a proper manner. As a matter of fact various types of crime along with the crime victims along with the under-reporting of the crimes perpetrated that is actually against those people who are with disabilities is termed as one of a major as well as a vital problem and another major issue is not having proper as well as authoritative research that highlights that how many individuals having disability actually become crime victims or on the other side how many people actually become disabled by the criminal based attacks. There is no doubt very limited information that actually exists regarding the criminal based victimization of Canada that is linked with those people who are with various kinds of disabilities and so far the available information is no doubt very much horrifying in nature as well. As per the researches it has also been proved that those crimes which are recorded as well as noted are not in proper format and this is the reason that why proper outcomes are difficult to be generated (William,, 2004).

Issues pertaining to Offenders in Canada

As per the researches it has been proved that around 80% to 90% people entering the Canada's correctional systems are actually identified as having the problems with the substance use such as alcohol or other kind of drugs or even both of them. Along with this, around 50% to 60% also report the use of drugs as well as alcohol prior to the commission of their previous offence. This is the reason that how and in what manner research has actually established a strong connection between the problematic based substance use and which is actually related with the past as well as future based criminal behavior. Along with this, there are other main as well as some important health related benefits as well that should be achieved in a proper manner. The rates of HIV along with the hepatitis ...
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