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Hong Kong and the Intersections of Multiple Mobilities

Hong Kong and the Intersections of Multiple Mobilities


Hong Kong is the special administrative region known as SAR of china. Its location is at the south coast of china and it is enclosed by the pearl delta river and China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its liberal skyline and deep natural port. Hong Kong has population of seven million people and it is one of the most immensely populated countries of the world. The population of Hong Kong has 95 percent of ethnic Chinese and 5 percent are from other groups. In the history of Hong Kong it is found that it was colony of British Empire after the First Opium War. The colony period was from 1939 till 1984. Hong Kong was also occupied by Japan in the Pacific War when British resumed their control in 1997. During the colonial era, the region espoused government involvement as low as possible under the ethos of positive non-interventionism (Ash 2006).

The time period has huge influence on the culture of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also called as a state where east meets west. The education system of Hong Kong was also following the systems of England until the reforms were implemented in 2009. The political system of Hong Kong is different from mainland china under the principles of “one country, two systems”. Hong Kong has different independent judiciary functions and they work under the common law framework. The constitutional documents of Hong Kong stipulate that the country must have high level of autonomy. This high level of autonomy will be for all matters other then foreign relations and military defence. The head of government means chief executive of Hong Kong is chosen by the Election committee. The election committee is of 400 to 1,200 members (Chan 2003, p. 24).

Hong Kong is also known for the leading international financial centres of the world. It is known as the major capitalist service economy. The reason behind is that it is the low taxed country and trade free. The currency of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Dollar and it is the eight most trade currency of the world. The population of Hong Kong is more than the space available to them due to they have developed the city of the centre for modern architecture. It is also considered as the most vertical city of the world. The per capita income of Hong Kong is also one if the highest most capita income of the world. The dense space of Hong Kong has lead to the development of high level transportation system of the country (Dudley 2001, p. 13). The transportation rate in Hong Kong is also one of the highest rates of the world. Hong Kong has highest ranking in the world in many areas. The example of this can be seen in economic freedom, quality of life, financial and economic competitiveness, human development and corruption perception. According to the study of World Health Organization, Hong Kong has ...
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