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Assignment on African-American Studies

The American history students are often required to make African-American studies assignment. At times these students are not able to research due to which the quality of such assignments suffers. This section of Researchomatic provides the students with huge database of research material on African-American history. Researchomatic’s users can use this information without spending much time to write outstanding African-American studies assignments.

Thurgood Marshall
Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall Introduction The paper is about Thurgood Marshall, who is one of the greatest leaders in the history of the African American struggle for freedom and equality. In a poll of African American political scientists conducted in 2000, he was ranked sixth on a list of the 12 greatest African ...
Female Circumcision
Female Circumcision Abstract The paper highlights the meaning and conception of Female Circumcision, which describes its consequences and initial formation from few religious trends. It has been estimated by many of the organization in the US that mentioned the statistics ratio of female circumcision in the world and most in the African ...
Plantation Slavery
Plantation Slavery Plantation Slavery Introduction A number of incidences and events in history are known to have vast impact on the lives and lifestyles of certain classes and groups of people, with some of them being positive while others are negative and depressing. A number of injustices have been done to certain groups ...
Civil Rights And Black Power (1941-1970)
Civil Rights and Black Power (1941-1970) Civil Rights and Black Power (1941-1970) Introduction Margaret Walker said, “Handicapped as we have been by a racist system of dehumanizing slavery and segregation, our American history of nearly five hundred years reveals that our cultural and spiritual gifts brought from our African past are ...
Contemporary African Politics
CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN POLITICS Contemporary African Politics Contemporary African Politics Reflective Reading Notes on “The meaning of a militia: Understanding the civil defence forces Sierra Leone”. The article “The meaning of a militia: Understanding the civil defense forces Sierra Leone” is a narrative and adapted version of an specialist observer report written by the author ...
London Olympics 2012
London Olympics 2012 London Olympics 2012 The much awaited Olympic Games began on July 27 last month in London, which after 17 days of sporty events ended on the evening of August 12. With a huge number of leading athletes from around the world, everyone saw how beautifully the world's biggest sporting ...
Parchman Farm
Parchman Farm Parchman Farm Introduction Established in 1901, the Parchman farm also known as the Mississippi state Penitentiary is located in the Mississippi delta region. It is the only maximum security prison for males in the Mississippi state. With 4,840 beds for inmates, it holds one of the largest prisoners in the United ...
"african Americans: Separate But Equal?"
"African Americans: Separate but Equal?" "African Americans: Separate but Equal?" The "separate but equal" policy means the segregation that has been legally sanctioned as a result of the Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson in the year 1896. Since then, the landscape of the United States has been changed very much and ...
The Black Athena Project
The Black Athena Project The Black Athena Project The Black Athena is a three volume work by Martin Bernal. It is a highly controversial piece of work and is sometimes even referred to as the Afro-asiatic roots of classical civilization and attempts to discuss the ancient Greece in a completely new beam ...
Discussion Posts
DISCUSSION POSTS Discussion posts Discussion Posts Q1. In what ways can Franklin D Roosevelt be considered a friend or foe to blacks? I'm not suggesting he was or was not, I'm just seeking clarity. The relationship between African Americans and Franklin D. Roosevelt presents something of a paradox. On the one hand, ...
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