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Thesis on American History

Many historians believe that American history starts with Columbus, while contemporary view includes prehistory of the Native peoples. Likewise a thesis on American history should also portray a definite point for which good research is required. This section of Researchomatic helps the user to get the best quality research material for writing exceptional American history thesis.

Aztecs - People Of The Sun
Aztecs - People of the Sun Introduction Aztecs, the people of the Sun have an interesting history and lifestyle. The Aztecs are generally perceived as the people who had the practice of human sacrifice. They were the ethnic groups belonging to the Mexican geography. Religion was a very important aspect for the ...
Compromise Of 1850 And Kansas-Nebraska Act
[Compromise of 1850 and Kansas-Nebraska Act] By Table of Contents INTRODUCTION1 DISCUSSION1 Kansas-Nebraska Act1 The Compromise of 18503 CONCLUSION5 WORKS CITED6 Introduction This paper will provide the comparison and contrast the Compromise of1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The thesis statement of the paper is to explore how each of them attempted to satisfy different sectional interests. Discussion Kansas-Nebraska Act The Kansas-Nebraska Act introduced ...
History Of Harley Davidson (1877-2000)
[History of Harley Davidson (1877-2000)] by History of Harley Davidson (1877-2000) Introduction The evolution of the motorcycle has been closely associated with that of the bicycle, steam engine, and car. The concept of a steam-powered bicycle was first realized by S. H. Roper in the USA in the 1860s. During the war, motorcycles ...
The Policing History (“political Era” 1830s-1900)
[The Policing History (“Political Era” 1830s-1900)] by The Policing History (“Political Era” 1830s-1900) Politics influenced every aspect of American policing in the nineteenth century, and the period from the 1830s to 1900 is often called the “political era”. There are three Eras of American Policing The political era: 1830s-1900 The professional era: 1900-1960s The era of ...
Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Movement ABSTRACT This research paper describes the major events occurring during 1877-2000 as a part of civil rights movements. Civil rights movements began to fight for civil rights by Black people against the white people. This research paper highlights work done and step taken by renowned personalities like, Johnson, King ...
The Great Migration In America
The Great Migration in America By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT No words can express my appreciation and gratitude to my research advisor _______ through the course of this research, Professor _____has taught me numerous values that extend well beyond the realm of _________ (Your Subject Name). His emphasis on dedication to work and his valuable and ...
Forty-Deuce: Times Square 1983- 1984
FORTY-DEUCE: TIMES SQUARE 1983- 1984 Forty Deuce Times Square (1983-1984) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to take this chance for thanking my research facilitator, friends and family for the support they provided me and their belief in me as well as guidance they provided without which I would have never been able to ...
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