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Assignment on Asian Studies

Every now and then students of Asian history are required to make assignment on Asian studies. The topics of such assignments vary to a great extent and so does its research material. At times it gets very difficult for students to find information on the most complex Asian studies assignment. This section of Researchomatic helps its users to get research material on even the most difficult assignment on Asian studies.

Ancient Chinese Contributions
Ancient Chinese Contributions Ancient Chinese Contributions Introduction It is well known fact that China has a glorious and ancient history comprising of the feudal eras concluding in 222 BC (Shaw, 2003) in the course of the three Intermediate and Imperial Eras, up to the Contemporary era that makes more than four thousand years ...
Journey To The Court Of Akbar
Journey to the Court of Akbar Critique The critique written about Akbar presents the detailed information about how the king lived his life. The detailed explanation of the personality of the great king was explained in detail. The article presented a bipolar argumentative conclusion, which is a result of detailed analysis. ...
To What Extent Is The Second World War The Main Reason For The Partition Of India In 1947?
To What Extent Is The Second World War The Main Reason For The Partition Of India in 1947? To What Extent Is The Second World War The Main Reason For The Partition Of India in 1947? Introduction This argument paper assesses to what extent is the second world war the main reason ...
Ancient China
ANCIENT CHINA Ancient China Ancient China Umbrella Umbrellas were invented by the Chinese. The umbrellas were made from oiled paper because oil repels water. The frames of the umbrellas were made from mulberry bark or bamboo. Red and yellow umbrellas were used by royalty, and blue umbrellas were used by the common people. ...
Asian Immigrant
Asian Immigrant Asian Americans Asian Americans have been characterized as a "successful" minority. Their educational achievements and economic success compare favorably with, or exceed, the national averages. Yet while "Asian American" is a convenient label, it includes many groups from diverse national and cultural backgrounds, making broad generalizations misleading. People of Asian heritage ...
Euro Disney: The First 100 Days
Euro Disney: The First 100 Days Euro Disney: The First 100 Days Introduction Disney land and the historical theme parks by Walt Disney Co. have flourished by following the formula which stress upon exceptional customer services and splendid physical environment. This formula has proved to be a success in United States and ...
Mahasweta Devi Giribala
Mahasweta Devi Giribala Mahasweta Devi Giribala Introduction Mahasweta Devi is an Indian social activists and author of various short stories, drama, and essays. Her writings reflect the cultural and social issues and the problems faced by the Indian women. Her writings not only present the miseries and troubles of these women ...
Case Study
CASE STUDY Case Study: Background of Late Modern World History Case Study: Background of Late Modern World History Discuss how assumptions that social reforms and equality would flourish in post-war Japan have or have not been realized. Assumptions such as equality and social reforms will prosper in the country like Japan because ...
History - Asian Studies
History - Asian Studies To begin with the discussion, we shall be discussing the ins and outs of five major components that have paved way for contributing towards history we know today. The basic reason for incorporating different people from history at different time intervals is to highlight and decipher the ...
History Of Samurai
History of Samurai Introduction Samuraian history is full of mighty battles and the use of sheer power to puit down the enemy. Samurai were supposed to live life like a warrior, using different weapons. This paper analyses diefefrnt aspecst of te Samutraian life and creates an understanding about what made them so ...
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