History Of Baptist Church

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History of Baptist Church

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In this research paper History of Baptist Church is discussed. The main focus of this paper is to explore the origin of Baptist Church and its expansion around the world. It discuses about the background of Baptist church in England and how does it divided in to two groups: the General Baptists and the Particular Baptists? Further it discusses about emergence of Baptism in America and other parts of the world. It also briefly talks about Anabaptist influence on origin of Baptist church.

Table of Contents



Thesis Statement1


English background1

Separatist Movement2

General Baptist2

Particular Baptists3

Anabaptist Influence4

Baptist Church in America4

Baptism in other Parts of the World5



History of Baptist Church


Origin of Baptist church has different accounts by different historians but the most agreed upon origin that is stated in the history is related to that of established in British Isles in early 16th century (Weber 1907). It was originated in England at the time of vigorous religious reforms. Frustrated of the links between the State and church, people asked for reformation which led to the formation of Separatists movement and towards the establishment of the Baptist Church. (Abram 2007).

Thesis Statement

“Most of the historians have consensus that Baptist church originated in early seventeenth century from England. They emerged out of the Separatist movement against the Church of England.”


English background

Sensing the corruption and selfishness within the Church of England, a great mass demanded the reforms. The reformers of that time are said to be Martin Luther in Germany and John Calvin in Geneva. In his list of problems, Martin Luther called the payments to the church, given to take pardon for committed sins, as a disgrace (Abram 2007). This movement was called the Reformation and was followed by John Calvin and John Knox. Reformers demanded the pure teachings of Bible to be practiced in Church, independent from political means. This movement gave birth to the Separatist movement.

Separatist Movement

Separatist's movement was based on the separation of church from State which emphasized on practice of uncontaminated principles of Bible. The Separatists wanted to be lead by true teachings of bible rather than the manipulated ones for the sake of state rule (Abram 2007). They refused to accept the hierarchal government of church and demanded representation from people for it. They asked Church to practice simple worships rather than following complex teaching which include paying money for confessing sins (Jackson 2002). These calls for reformations founded the base for the Baptist denomination (Abram 2007).

Early parishioners for the Separatists movement were structured in early seventeenth century. Though there was no intention to divide this sacred belief but soon after its establishment, two groups came into being that were General Baptist and Particular Baptists.

General Baptist

General Baptists are also named as Arminian because they believed on the universal spirit of redemption of Christ. Its origin is associated with John Smyth (1570-1612) (Weber 1907). During the persecution of Anabaptists in England, John Smyth ran away to Holland and along with a group form the first Baptist Church (Abram ...
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