History Of Israel

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History of Israel

History of Israel

The History of Israel

When you open the Bible the first thing we discovered is the history of God's people. It is a living story, with characters that fill us with wonder, but also learn from their faith and their experiences with the God who manages and holds the story. The origin of the story of Israel is found in the stories and narratives of the Bible, but they do not want us to deliver just a story; that story is told for us to take a lesson from it (Arnold & Williamson, n.d., 424-425).

The main reason is to feed our faith in the true God, the stories and narratives are fundamental purpose to preach a faith, cause a renewal of spirituality and approach God, for that reason we will not find continuity between the stories, nor will we find a historical illation or facts that allow evidence of the events, the stories in the background want to preach and teach about faith in a God staff (Bible Discovery Seminary, (2012), 2-5).

The people of Israel and Judah did not appear at a certain time; they evolved very slowly, amid ancient civilizations that occupied the space between Mesopotamia and Egypt. In this text, we briefly show their birth and subsequent incorporation as a town, you definitely will find your national unity under the figure of King David, whose equity at that time will tell the city of Jerusalem, and then the splendor of the temple in the time of King Solomon (Schlegel, 2012, 98-105 ).

Israel and Judah exist as kingdoms, under David and Solomon, and they had a long history of divisions. The northern part known as Israel goes under the blows of Assyria in the eighth century BC and the southern part known as Judah was destroyed by Babylon in the sixth century BC. But the fall of states, or realms does not remove God's people, they are living, thinking, praying and reconciling with God in different places, of Palestine, in Babylon and scattered in the world of his time (Arnold & Williamson, n.d., 418-421).

Under the rule of the Persians, one group of Jews returned to rebuild the temple and the city walls of Jerusalem, in the period of Greek Jews attempted a revolt, but this is suppressed and led to the advancement of Romans, who eventually dominate them, and make it a province of their empire (Edersheim, n.d., 21-39).

Invasion of the Romans put an end to the autonomous life of the Jews, but the people of God, called Israel, continued to live in many remote communities, both in Palestine and Babylonia and scattered elsewhere in the Roman Empire

Bronze Age

The land where they evolved in the history of Israel is known in the Bible by the name of Canaan, or the land of Israel. But the most common is the name of Palestine. For the geographic location, this sector was the scene of major wars since ancient ...
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