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Research Summary Table: Homelessness

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Martins, D.C., (2008)

The experience of homeless individuals with health care patients experiences were identified in the research.

Purposive sample of 15 homeless adults interview were conducted for the research.

A Phenomenological research design was utilized to explore the research findings.

There were four major themes emerged from research; living without resources leads towards health compromization, The health care treatment labeled as homeless, barriers in receiving health care and there were underground resource for health care.

There were actions taken to address the problems of homeless individuals that were living in the society.

World Health Organization (2001)

The Health Issues were identified in homeless individuals and community needs were assessed.

Convenience sampling was identified as the N=100 participants in the research.

Qualitative research study was explored in descriptive data analysis.

The analysis states that home affects the health in community settings. Individuals faced problems when they were far from homes.

Health assessment needed was identified by the intervention regarding health recovery of homeless individual were missing form the research.

The Journal of School of Nursing (2006)

School nurse perspective in treating homeless individuals was identified in the research.

The small sample size was used for the qualitative research.

Qualitative research study was utilized to explore the findings of the research.

Qualitative findings showed that

students enjoyed the lesson, learned information that

they perceived as pertinent, and discussed the lessons

With their families as compared to homeless students.

The issues understanding would be gained with qualitative and quantitative research.

Tumer, J., & Lazebatt, A., (2014)

Community health nursing role in treating homeless individuals was explored in the research.

N= 2,668 workforce in nursing community was surveyed and 5% quota samples were collected for the research.

Qualitative and Quantitative design was used to analyze the data.

The element of trust regarding nursing ...
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