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Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an undersized island that is situated just at the southern coast of mainland of China. Hong Kong is a representation of free ventures as well as various projects as it is very profitable. The country is a full of life metropolis which is regarded as the world's most significant financial centers all across the globe. Nonetheless, Hong Kong is stated as a focal point due to the emphasis on the traditional Chinese history as well as the following of the culture. Hong Kong has enriched the Chinese music along with the engrained Chinese art in society, such as the theaters. In short, Hong Kong is a hub for that has not only preserved the Chinese culture but is giving it a new life (Chiu & Stephen, 2009).

At present there are several issues faced all around the world and Hong Kong is one of them. Affected by the disease of globalization or either due to problem the government along with the citizens of Hong Kong are busy dealing and empowering over the issues (Leung, 1995).

Environment Issues

The environment of Hong Kong is changing radically due to various factors, and not only in Hong Kong but all across the globe this trend is the same. Worldwide the change in the climate is not only affecting consumption of energy, resources of water, food security, ecological unit, health of the populace, but also the human settlement.

Hong Kong Climatic Change

Climatic change provoke due to the global warming has several effects such as change in the intensity of rainfall, there are also changes in the cloud amount that generates not only rainfall but also the climates soothes down, the alteration of visibility, as well as the alteration of regularity and rigorousness of the natural disasters. Over all, there have been modifications in temperature, rain, as well as numerous tropical storms all across Hong Kong (Leung et al, 2004).

Change in the Temperature of Hong Kong

As per the temperature records of HKO that stands for Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature increases in Hong Kong rapidly and is much higher as compared to the rate of temperature all across the global.

Study has shown that temperature of Hong Kong along with the earth since 1885 up to 2002. The regular warmth in Hong Kong mounted at a rate of 1.2oC on every 100th year as well as the temperate has been considerably nearer to getting warm in the current years, attaining on every 100 years 6o Centigrade.

One of the main reasons as to, why the regular temperature in Hong Kong increases much faster than the average of the world is due to the fact that Hong Kong is an extremely urban city. Constructions, as well as further concrete structures in the urban regions soak up the high temperature due to the solar energy rays throughout the hours of daylight along with discharging the warmth in the type of long wave energy throughout the night. The radiation of the long wave is furthermore stopped due to ...
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