How Computers Are Used In Automobile Design?

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How Computers are used in Automobile Design?

How Computers are used in Automobile Design?


With the modern application of computers and software programming, automobile companies are applying different analytical and technical skills to design the cars on computers. In this consideration, the computer-aided design (CAD) is the program-based software that helps engineers, architects, industrial designers and other professionals in their design tasks. CAD is the main part of the design process and involves the use of both software and hardware. This design process is to move the idea installed in the designer's mind to the CAD system, building virtually the part or assembly (Narayan, 2008).

The computer-aided design (CAD) is the set of software and geometric modeling techniques to design and test a computer simulation technique, using manufactured goods and tools to make them (Madsen, 2012). Technological requirements today give rise to very complex projects. According to some companies, CAD increases their overall productivity and complete their designing tasks more rapidly than hand sketching method.


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is the computer-aided solution of technical and scientific problems before and during the engineering-based design and development process. CAE includes all computer-aided design applications of the calculation, testing, and sizing up to the functional test, the computer-assisted production and manufacturing to the analysis and computer-assisted quality control (CAQ). Computer Aided Engineering starts at the circuit design and optimization (Lieberman, 2012). It offers solutions for the integration of individual components or circuit components, checking the circuit through flow charts, circuit simulation with other components, the list of all components and the detailed presentation of results for the current account.

CAD programs are divided into two groups: those packages 2D drawing and 3D processing. The first traces perform geometric primitives, which are part of the plan or do not have any height or elevation. The latter may represent the characteristics of shape and size of the car that seeks to recreate. These three-dimensional objects may be generated as solids, or polygonal meshes, as the graphic algorithm adopted by the CAD program, which is used widely by the engineers in the automobile industry. This 3D is the most common solution today and is widely used in technological tasks. However, engineers must take into account the method of parametric modeling by adopting some design programs (Madsen, 2012).

In recent years, most of the software packages are being adapted for 3D design. The 3D design is actually the current trend of computer-aided design. Using 3-D design, professionals can make a faithful model of a car and thus, may be able to understand all the quality characteristics of visual appearance. By this method, engineers and graphic designers can make a detailed observation of the model, to identify and correct any defect, before it is approved for production (Jennifer, 2010). Computer Aided Design is used in every process, from concept to product design, which involves design validation, motion simulation, finite element analysis, etc.

CAD helps engineers to devise and develop solutions in order to fulfill the functions defined with a set of ...
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