How Does Music Help Premature Babies

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How does music help premature babies


Premature baby is a baby which does not complete 36 weeks in the womb of mother. These babies are operated before completion of 36 week, and the reason is mostly any complications. When mother has some complications, the baby is taken out through an operation. This baby is known as a premature baby (Davis et al. p.23). The problem of the premature baby is keeping him according to the environment, and these babies need extra care for their survival.

Discussion and Analysis

Proven effects

According to the article published in The New York Times, premature births have increased since 1990 to about 500 thousand per year, one in nine children born in the United States. Some hospitals believe that music is as effective and safe for children as sedatives before some procedures such as ultrasound of heart and brain monitoring. In addition, some neonatologists say that babies who receive music therapy leave hospitals sooner, which can help in their development and family connection.

Dr. Thomas Truman, director of neonatal intensive care and pediatric Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee, who was not involved in the study, said children who had music played for them were home early: At least two days difference compared with infants who were not receiving music therapy, he said.

According to the doctor, the music helps to decrease the child's response to stress, and increase the rate of utilization of oxygen and calories for growth and development (Davis, p.102)

. The researchers believe the reason may be because the music is organized by over stimulating the noise of neonatal units. 'Noisy machines, medical rounds, and alarms on ventilators and oxygen pumps. All this can be harmful, but a sound that is melodic and meaningful is important for the brain development of the baby, "said Helen Shoemark, music researcher at ...