How To Achieve Business Information Security In Cyberspace?

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How to Achieve Business Information Security in Cyberspace?

How to Achieve Business Information Security in Cyberspace?


Internet has transformed the world into a Global village. The concept of interaction and discussion has been encouraged. Information can flow across boundaries. Any person with a computer and an internet connection can access the material provided on internet. Internet has facilitated its users with a number of easy options to access knowledge resources but at the same time it provides an open opportunity to misuse this ease of availability. Over the years, the trend of negative use of information has become common. People are taking disadvantage of the information available in abundance. The results are bothering for authorized individuals and organizations. With the increasing intensity of this issue, security techniques are also getting enhanced. Research is being is carried about the particular issue of protecting information available on worldwide network and approaches are being implemented to resolve certain issues in this regard.


Internet provides a pool of information. With millions of accessible resources the process of gathering knowledge has become very easy. People rely on internet to get desired information and publish information. It has become the major source of regulating information all around the world. But when this available information is misinterpreted and retrieved by unauthorized users, it becomes a serious problem both for the publisher and the reader. The three major issues with which internet resources are dealing are; keeping a check of information availability, maintain the integrity and confidentiality.

When it comes to confidentiality, it means that taking care of the privacy of the information. Confidentiality is a major concern for publishers, in particular. A material available on internet can be accessed by an unauthorized user. The material can be copied and published on internet under different name, thus hurting the confidentiality of ...
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