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Proposal In this term paper I would highlight the crucial aspect of the technological advancements which are the two notions of internet that got highly famous amongst our average knowledgeable minds. However, the terms have become a cliché which lead to create a familiarity for these two words. The topic I selected to write-up my term paper is Hypertext Markup Language which got famous by the term HTML; and World Wide Web which most of us known as WWW. However, along with the HTML I gave emphasizes on the latest version of HTML which is HTML 5 and covered the whole product.


The topic I selected because of various reasons as these term have evolved with time and individuals are unable to create a correct understanding of these two terms. However, people sometime confuse themselves and are unable to differentiate between the two. Furthermore, since the past decade there are great advancements under this technological phenomenon which people are not aware. Thus, I lay a great stance on creating a term paper relevant to this topic which will be beneficial for me and the other people who will come across this paper. There is a great scope for this topic and we can see a great impact on these technologies in the future.


The method to gather the information relevant to the topic shall be secondary data that are research data bases and the libraries. However, the most important thing that needs to be taken under consideration is to use the libraries in an effective way. Therefore, to avail the effectiveness of the libraries and get the relevant data for the diabetes research I need to sort down the keywords that will help me in finding the data.



The World Wide Web in the "www" or simply "network” is the information space of interest element is known as a useful resource, and is identified by the so-called global identifier Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), people often mistakenly believe that it is similar to the entire Internet, but actually is a very important subset. The purpose of the WWW is to enable users to see or use more than just text.

In late 1960s, the famous and the most talented Ted Nelson showed the hypertext concept which was a bench mark of that time; Douglas Engelbart invented the first and most useful hypertext system that enabled working efficiently. 1980s also started with the remarkable achievement with an invention of the network itself by the Robert Cailliau and Tim Berners - Lee in Europe.

On the contrary, HTML Hypertext Markup Language is a standard markup language documents on the World Wide Web. All web pages are created using the language HTML. HTML is interpreted by the browser and displayed as a document that is easy for humans. HTML is an application of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) and the international standard ISO 8879.

HTML was developed by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee in ...
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