Human And Animal Research-Discussion 7

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Human and Animal Research-Discussion 7

Human and Animal Research

Answer to Question# 1

A research was conducted to focus the ethical issues of animal experimentation, titled Animals in Research and Education: Ethical Issues by National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature. The research explores the issue regarding the usage of animal for biomedical experimentation. It reflects on the controversial issue of animal experimentation. It is recognized that, as refers to these aspects, it should not go beyond unnecessary physical harm them, providing an adequate physical and mental wellbeing, which is achieved when you comply with the regulations in these institutions and a greater professional development personnel. It is emphasized that the model the computer and cell cultures, and other Attachment research alternative methods are excellent ways to reduce the number of animals used in research. It reflects on the ethical aspects of the issue (Bishop & Nolen, 2001).

In recent years the subject of experimentation in animals has become controversial issues regarding ethical. In regard to this issue, the current discussion has its roots in the mid-nineteenth century England, when the first laws of protection to pets. Animal experiments are based on the fact consider other species as models miniature human problems without and more severe ethical issues involved experiment with human beings (Guo-bin, 2010). This idea has been continually put into question.


Guo-bin, Y. A. N. G. (2010). Ethical Reflection on Laboratory Animals in Biomedical Research [J]. Chinese Medical Ethics, 3, 005.

Bishop, L. J., & Nolen, A. L. (2001). Animals in research and education: ethical issues. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 11(1), 91-112.

Answer to Question# 2

The issue of animal testing, the very complexity of the questions it raises, the importance of the interests and values at stake, refers to one of the crucial problems at the origin of bioethics therefore, the conflict between technical feasibility and legality ethics. Beyond the fact of practical and operational issues such as the correct use of animals, such as the limits of the experiments, such as the most appropriate scientific protocols emerge in this crucial area of research, and broader questions of radical philosophical ethics that show how animal experiments cannot be regarded narrowly as a matter of mere professional ethics. From here the knowledge that you cannot answer specific questions on this issue without first having addressed those who are, on the one hand, the reasons and values in the name of which we feel entitled ...
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