Human Rights Law

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Human Rights Law

Human Rights Law


The government of Europe developed the ECHR i.e. The European Convention on Human Rights after the 2nd world war. This legislation reflects the principles and concepts of the states of Western Europe. It includes political and civil rights. This law and legislation help in providing the political as well as civil rights to every individual. Many times the European complaints system has changed in order to tackle ever increasing caseloads. The ECHR is amongst the most developed and improved international court which provides proper human rights to every individual. The ECHR makes use of various interpretative principles in order to expand and develop ECHR's protection. In the ECHR, categorization of rights is limited, qualified and absolute. There were two objectives for creating or developing ECHR. These objectives include the assurance of the protection of certain freedoms and fundamental rights. Other objective was to contribute in the formation of steady democracies. This paper discusses the role of the principles present in Article 5 of ECHR in the UK after the introduction of terrorism legislation since the year 2001. This paper will highlight the importance of ECHR and its Article 5 for ensuring the proper understanding of terrorism legislation.


After the terrorism attack of 9/11, the government of Europe proposed certain effective legislation in order to provide security and safety to every individual living in Europe. After the introduction of terrorism legislation since the year 2001, the principles of Article 5 of ECHR in the United Kingdom have been severely compromised and undermined.

Terrorism since 2001

The attack of 9/11 and its reaction has been the serious challenge so far for the Human Rights Act. For providing safety and security to every individual, the European government proposed some legislation based on terrorism in order to prevent the society from any kind of terrorism activity. The European government proposed the Antiterrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. This law helped in eliminating the terrorism activities form the society. The human right law based on antiterrorism act provided security and liberty as the human right law. Due to the increment in terrorism after the occasion of 9/11, many terrorism legislation of the European government are present in order to eliminate or at least reduce terrorism from the society. The implementation and introduction of these terrorism legislation compromised and undermined the effectiveness of article 5 of ECHR. As the article 5 ensures security and liberty of every individual; thus, people had to compromise and undermine their security and liberty due to the implementation of terrorism legislation. The rise in terrorism gave security driven challenges in the provision of human rights.

Terrorism legislation

The European government proposed terrorism legislation in order to reduce the risk of international terrorism to the United Kingdom. After the implementation and execution of these terrorism legislation, people started to live their lives with confidence and freely. However, the liberty and security were taken away by the implementation of terrorism legislation. The problem of terrorism was not possible to be eradicated or resolved ...
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